Plants & Pollinators course finale

Paul Romani

Pear Tree students finish their 3-month Plants & Pollinators course in style!

Our butterfly release was the end to an amazing 3-month Plants & Pollinators course.

Pear Tree students released 15 butterflies at the community gardens at Maple / 6th Ave.
Some photos of the release are below, and more can be found on our Facebook page
These community gardens were the perfect place for the butterfly release: it was next to the Vancouver Demonstration Garden from their previous field trip; it was full of flowers needing pollination; and it had many bees (honey and bumble bees) and butterflies.
Pear Tree’s butterflies were as eager to see the gardens as the students, and soon flew into the gardens to experience their first flowers.
Everyone is proud of what has been achieved in the Plants & Pollinators course:

  • Growing beans and flowers
  • Studying plant grow and the effects of environmental changes
  • Plant lifecycles 
  • Visit to Vancouver Demonstration Garden
  • The role of bees
  • Bee products: honey’s connection to local nature, honey production, and human uses of bee products
  • Visit to Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
  • Butterfly lifecycle
  • Raising Painted Lady butterflies from caterpillar stage
  • Release butterflies into the wild

Pear Tree’s Plants & Pollinators course incorporated all aspects of our unique method of education. It was hands-on, it involved all school subjects (math, language arts, science, and social studies), it involved various skills (including technology and art), and it connected education to real-life in a meaningful way.
We’re excited about our new Fall courses, which we’re about to announce.
Thank you to all of Pear Tree’s students and teachers, as well as the Vancouver Demonstration Garden and the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, for helping us achieve our educational and local goals!

Butterfly release field trip Butterfly release field trip Butterfly release field tripButterfly release field trip