Pear Tree 3.0 Method

Pear Tree Education’s ‘Education 3.0’ method turns theoretical education into the practical form of knowledge that it should be.

All young people are calling for a system of learning that recognizes and supports the 21st century world in which they live, one that has become a digital world, and one which requires each and every global citizen to solve some critical environmental and economic issues.
Business leaders are asking for young people that are already prepared to contribute to their companies, to solve problems, to think creatively, and to be able to apply science, technology, and the arts to real life business needs.

This is why Pear Tree Education uses a system of learning based on ‘Education 3.0’, which incorporates all of the modern needs of employers and young people.

What is more, Pear Tree takes ‘Education 3.0’ to another level by including entrepreneurship, collaborative teachers, mentoring, and continuous teacher training to ensure that all young people understand their potential and their place in the world.

As such, a ‘Pear Tree’ education leads to the happiness and success of its young students, while also supporting the local economy.

All of these things combined make Pear Tree ideal for all forms of children.

We believe in and promote:

  • Integrated subjects (Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Sciences)
  • Technology
  • Hands-on learning
  • Collaboration
  • Student-centred learning
  • Creativity
  • Real-life application / Entrepreneurship