Customer Testimonials


I just wanted to take a moment to send in some positive feedback to you and the Pear Tree team. My husband and I are very impressed with all the things he has learned so far at Pear Tree. I am a teacher, and I think the Pear Tree summer camp program was a wonderfully educational experience for my son ?.

We registered our son in every single week of this [Burnaby] summer program. Every day, he came back with some amazing things!! I have told a lot of friends about your program! Nothing but praise.

I also wanted to mention Jen Hrupp. She has been an excellent program manager!!! I found her so helpful, caring and professional. She always went above and beyond with communication and her willingness to help. It was great being able to talk to her about any questions or concerns.

Thank you for reading this and keep up the great work!


My daughter has been really enjoying your Eco camp this week! I am so impressed by how much she’s learned and how much fun she’s having. Big Kudos to your team for creating such fun and informative camps!


My son really enjoyed the camp and he said Pear Tree has the best food, which is very rare for him to say. Usually he doesn’t like camp food and often ends up not eating much. But, he said he had 2 plates on most days [at Pear Tree], and would of gone for third if he was allowed ?. I just want to say thank you for putting so much effort into your camps and offered such a wonderful activities for the children.


“[My son] still treasures your assigned readings from last year. I can’t begin to express how much impact your sessions have had. I think he was little disappointed he couldn’t continue the sessions.”


“Thank you once again to the amazing camp leaders. We really like that the day is structured and he’s learning things (not just playing all day like other camps).”


“My son is more and more hooked by your Thursday Maker Space club with all the experiments, and my husband helps continue this at home since he also likes to play with all this stuff. Yesterday they took the small clock engine and reproduced a helicopter and a fan and many other things.
Since my son likes it so much, we were thinking to investigate more this direction as a Christmas present. Could you please recommend me some shops where we can find these type of things – components, sets, etc, to have a broader idea about the subject and be able to prepare in time:).
Thanks a lot for all the fun and learning through this club!”


“Our son has been offered a place at Tonbridge School (England)! Thank you once again for the exam preparation. He couldn’t have done it without your help. I would like to bring him to see you before the winter holidays to thank you in person.”
Paul has been working with our son on his preparation for an overseas school entrance exam since September 2015. The test demands strong writing skills and comprehension ability. Our son has been improving due to Paul’s strength in encouraging and guiding our son’s critical thinking and analytical skills. Equally important is Paul’s ability to connect with our son by engaging him with good questions and seeking smart responses. Finally, as a consummate educator his willingness to listen to parents’ concerns and effecting the desired outcome put us as parents at ease. We are pleased with our son’s progress and we look forward to more of Paul’s positive input to our son’s preparation for the exam.


I would like to thank you for everything you did on this summer camp for my daughter. She has made a very good progress, gained confidence in English and had a lot of fun. Especially, I want to share with you that when the school started here in Istanbul, she told me exactly ” Mom, you know what! I really miss Alexis, Paul, Emily, Josh and Pear tree.”  Hope to see you again:)


Thank you for having my child in the program last week! We came back to Japan safely, talking about the amazing memories from the vacation there.
My son apparently had fun each day, therefore, got up and himself ready quickly without being told anything by me.
Both teachers, Alex and Jamie were so friendly that not only my son but also I felt secure. Besides, he built up self-confidence in the positive environment. Oh, and one more thing we loved was your tasty well-balanced meals!!
We are now already hoping to come back to Vancouver and your school soon!


I believe my daughter benefited a lot from attending the camps so a big thank you is in order for all the staff at Peartree.


My husband and I appreciate that my son has joined your school even for a short time.


Thank you for enriching my son and daughter’s summer experience. They’ve enjoyed their time at the camp and will anxiously await 2015’s summer at Peartree!


First of all thank you for everything and your support. My daughter was so happy this summer in Pear-Tree also her English is getting better and i hope next time in Vancouver she can go again.


Pear Tree is great! We are from Italy and joined this program even if our kids do not speak much of English. Kids were enthusiastic, great Staff and organization at Pear Tree!!


It was really an excellent program and my son enjoyed your classes at Norma Rose School very much! Thank you and your instructor!
Looking forward to attending the new courses in September again!


It was really well organized and great fun for the kids. Your teacher managed our group superbly, engaging the kids while making sure everyone had a blast! We’ve had other Scientist themed parties in the past, but this one with the hands on element definitely brings the “cool” of science to the kids, way to go!


My son has really enjoyed his week at your spring camp! This morning he was looking glum and I asked why the long face. He said it was because today was the last day of camp L!!


I felt wonderful reading about Pear Tree and the 21st century educational methods of helping students to learn. I’m impressed by your teaching skills and creativity. It’s amazing. I loved watching your videos on YouTube and showed it to my school staff. They to were impressed with your educational ideas to enhance learning.
Good job. Hats off to you and your team.

Tela & Troy

Our daughter has declared that she rather go to Pear Tree than Grade 1 this September!

Astrid – 2nd testimonial

I am very impressed by your program. My son loves going to your camps and has a craving to learn more. I believe he is proud of what he learns with you and feels good about himself. This has not really been his experience at school.


Pear Tree is awesome!!!


Just want to let you know that my daughter has come home every day completely excited about her experiences at Pear Tree. She is absolutely loving the program! What more can we ask for?


It was a great experience for my daughter. Now she is asking me if she can go back to Pear Tree this summer 🙂 Thanks everyone.


My son and daughter had a great time at camp last week. As a parent I was also thrilled with how happy and stimulated they both seemed after. They were proud of their work and I had the sense that the camp allowed them to stretch their creative muscles a little. Please pass on my enthusiastic and positive feedback to your teachers and to Alexis.


My son and daughter thoroughly enjoyed their spring break camps and it sounds like they learned a lot along the way! Thank you so much for offering such a high quality camp. They are both keen to do it again this summer.


My daughters have both been raving about Pear Tree’s camps — which is really saying something, believe me — I usually get a lot of “I don’t want to go”s when they’re signed up for camps!


I can’t imagine having a birthday party anywhere else! My daughter and her 13 friends had an amazing time doing experiments, decorating cupcakes, and celebrating her birthday. I was so impressed by how welcoming Paul and Alexis were and by the detailed and festive planning they put into the party. Paul accommodated our schedule, and “planning” this party was a breeze (for me!).

For the party, Alexis and Jennifer perfectly orchestrated two hours of fun, food, and learning. It was wonderful to watch the children working and playing together, and I know many of them brought something (slime!) from the party to share for show-and-tell the next day in school. My husband and I were free to mingle with the kids, take photos, or chat in the nice lobby/lounge with a few of the other parents. This was, by far, the most stress-free party for us, and the most fun for her.

The space is light, clean, and full of interesting nooks and spaces for the kids to explore.
I am now excited to enrol my daughter in one of their courses.
Many thanks!


“What a fun filled birthday party that was!!!  The children had so much fun with their hands-on Science experiments, munching on food and interactions with their friends.
I love Pear-Tree Education Centre. It is very clean, very welcoming and well kept.

Pear-Tree Education Centre is an excellent place for birthday parties. Couples of mothers were asking if their child wanted to have their birthday party at Pear-Tree.
Field trips and camps are good choices at Pear-Tree too!

You have such great teachers. They are very clear in the instructions and very professional.”


My son had a wonderful time at your Pear Tree Centre. I, as a parent, love your open door and welcome each day and with the camp he attended being good value for a 9 to 3:30 camp. Very nice touches also by the picture/certificate he received and adding his picture to your Pear Tree wall…nice job!”


“Both of my daughters attended the summer camp this summer and they really enjoyed it.”

Mary-Anne – As quoted for the Vancouver Sun (June 12)

“He loves it. He gets hands-on learning — he gets to do stuff rather than just watch.”


“I had been hearing about the Pear Tree spring break courses on the radio every morning while driving the kids to school.

I was looking for a spring break activity that would engage my two boys and teach them something, not just ‘keep them busy’ over the break.

When the salmon life cycle course was advertised we were hooked as my boys repeatedly talk about ‘the day we released the salmon fry’ with the Vancouver Aquarium.

Even though the Pear Tree learning center was still under construction just before the break, talking to the teachers there about what they were offering and perusing the Pear Tree website and understanding the philosophy of teaching that was driving them got myself and family very excited about what was going to be happening there!

I think the response of my two boys is the best feedback.  Each night they ask “Is it a Pear Tree day tomorrow?”  When I say “yes”, they both smile and say “Yeah!” or “I love going to Pear Tree Education”.

We do soccer, swimming, riding, and art class with the boys. Though they enjoy these activities, the level of enthusiasm to go to them is nothing compared to going to these Pear Tree sessions.

I honestly am amazed!

My boys both like school but they can’t get enough of Pear Tree it seems. It’s a hands on learning style with naturally engaging and unique course topics. I am extremely happy with what the boys are learning and how they are learning it. The level of enthusiasm that the teachers at Pear Tree bring to each day translates quickly to their students.”