About Pear Tree Education

If you care about your child’s education, about their future, then welcome to Pear Tree Education!

Pear Tree Education is a unique learning centre located in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Established in 2011, Pear Tree Education was created to make 21st century education accessible and affordable to all Vancouver families regardless of the school that their child attends. Pear Tree offers a new approach to all parents who want well-rounded children who can be happy and successful in all aspects of life.

As of 2015, Pear Tree offers a diverse range of educational services, including: group enrichment classes, tutoring, ESL for kids, spring camps and summer camps, and ESL camps.
From 4pm on weekdays, Pear Tree provides group enrichment classes, tutoring, and ESL classes for kids.

Pear Tree’s educational summer camps have become particularly popular, and are now offered at three locations: Kitsilano, East Vancouver, and Burnaby. Our camps are not just popular locally; we receive students from all over the world!

Through all of Pear Tree’s educational offerings, Vancouver families have the opportunity to discover one of the most rewarding forms of 21st century learning.

Pear Tree Education is looking for Vancouver families that share and support our educational philosophy, and would love to speak with you about how we can help your child reach their academic and personal goals.

Why is it called Pear Tree? This is a question that we get asked a lot!

Alexis’ last name is Birner, which in German means pear. In part, it is named after her! We see tree as a metaphor for growth, development, and something that needs nurturing, just like the minds of our students. Hence Pear Tree!

Pear Tree Directors, Alexis and Paul