Kenneth Oppel & Alexis Birner Presentations

Paul Romani

As part of a combined Pro-D day workshop and Children’s Literature Roundtable event, Alexis and Lindsay modified their Picturebook presentation to turn it from mostly theory to mostly practical application.
We’ll be uploading the video of Alexis and Lindsay’s presentation in the next few days, so be sure to check that out.
Of course the main highlight of the event was the presentation by Kenneth Oppel!
Kenneth firstly led us through his background in writing, starting in his childhood, to discuss how he conjures up and writes each novel. Every author has their own methodology and process, so it was fascinating to see how Kenneth works.
In particular, Kenneth talked about the process of creating Dangerous Endeavour and Such Wicked Intent – both prequels to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein classic novel.
Click each picture for larger versions:

From left to right:
Lindsay Bromley, Kenneth Oppel, Alexis Birner

Alexis, Lindsay, and Kenneth Oppel with other speakers

Who’s sitting at Kenneth’s table?

Lindsay Bromley and Alexis Birner with UBC Language & Literacy professor, Margot Filipenko.