Week 4: Graphic Novels Galore

Paul Romani

We’ve been reading, writing and inferring up a storm this past week in the “Making Graphic Novels” course!
Graphic novels are a big hit with kids these days, and from an educator’s perspective, they are a really important learning resource for developing important skills for the 21st century. Not only do students need to read the words, but they also need to “read” the pictures simultaneously to look for clues the author leaves.
Not only were the students able to read a variety of great graphic novels, but they have been hard at work story-boarding, writing and sketching their own graphic novels. In addition, they were also able to make graphics digitally through Comic Life software!
A highlight of the week was having author and illustrator Sarah DeLatte come as a guest speaker to lead a workshop at this Pear Tree summer camp. Sarah talked to the students about her own sketches, some of which are comics, and inspiration for her work. The students then were privileged enough to have Sarah share some of her illustrating techniques! For more information about Sarah’s beautiful children’s books, based on the character “Cloki”, go to www.clokisworld.com.
In-progress and completed comics will be posted later this week!