Week 3: The Go Green Eco Team hits the streets of Kitsilano

Paul Romani

Just like the Lorax, the students at Pear Tree  “…speak for the trees!”
While most students at Pear Tree are already environmentally conscious, the students in the Go Green Eco Team summer camp learned even more about how to make a positive impact on the environment!
In addition to making eco-friendly soap, planting a terrarium, and having a guest speaker demonstrate how to make a worm farm, the students got out into the community to mark storm drains to increase awareness about salmon protection.
In the spring, Pear Tree raises 50 Coho salmon eggs as part of the Department of Fisheries’ salmon sustainability program.
This summer, the Go Green Eco Team students went out into Kitsilano and painted yellow salmons next to street drains. Then, they spoke to local residence about the fact that all the water in our drains in Vancouver lead to salmon steams- therefore, it’s important to keep them clean! Look out for the yellow salmon painted on storm drains near Pear Tree.