Week 2: Kids Can Cook!

Paul Romani

Pear Tree was overwhelmed with demand for its Kids Can Cook! course.
That’s great, because we believe that everyone should know about cooking and nutrition.
During the summer camp course, the students made fruit smoothies, buttermilk pancakes, quesadillas, bran muffins, and much more!
The week ended with an exciting field trip to a new Yaletown sushi restaurant, Minami (Miku’s sister restaurant). There, restaurant manager, Patrick Rider, gave the students a tour of the restaurant and kitchen area. The students watched the chefs preparing that day’s sushi delights and learned about the traditional sushi making process!
Upon returning to Pear Tree, the students then got to make their own sushi, and proved that even 5 year olds can be great chefs!  Bon appetit!