Want Pear Tree Classes At Your School?

Paul Romani

If you want your kids to enjoy Pear Tree’s enrichment classes, but can’t get to our learning centre, you’ll be interested in our latest service!

Pear Tree Education is now offering the option to provide our after-school enrichment classes at your school!

If you live in the Lower Mainland (it doesn’t have to be Vancouver), we’re happy to arrange classes at your school.
To make this happen, we’ll need your help to put us in touch with whoever in your school is in charge of after-school programs. Then, we’ll arrange this for you.
Please bear in mind that these are group enrichment classes, so we’ll need about 6 kids minimum to make this possible.
Additionally, we have day camps on Pro-D days (i.e. when schools are closed for professional development for teaching staff). Again, we will need your help to arrange such Pro-D camps at your school. For our Pro-D camps (as well as our future Spring and Summer camps), you’ll have the Hot Lunch program option (at Pear Tree Education only).
Ultimately, only you are able to help us provide the Pear Tree method of education to your children.
Please help us to enrich your child’s education.