Videos: Pear Tree's Film Studios Camp

Paul Romani

Here are some of the amazing videos produced during Pear Tree’s ‘Film Studios’ camp!

It was great to see teamwork in action, which was essential to the production of the following videos. There was a lot of individual talent, but that talent was combined to produce great results.
One of the toughest concepts for the kids to absorb was the fact that there are 30 frames for every second of video. We haven’t posted the earlier videos made, but these exemplify this struggle, as the kids tried to take 4-8 photos and expected them to last 5-10 seconds. Instead, the videos were over in the blink of an eye! :-S
Despite this, the following videos demonstrate what happens when kids truly understand and apply knowledge. It was sweet how they prided themselves on taking 100 photos for 1 video. It gave them a sense of the time, effort, and commitment required to make stopmotion videos. They also had to add voiceovers, sound effects (mostly improvised by voice), titles, and credits.
The results are pretty fantastic considering they’re made by 7-9 year olds!!