Video: Critical Literacy: Tackling Difficult Topics with Children's Literature

Paul Romani

Here is Alexis and Lindsay’s presentation about how teachers can teach Critical Literacy in their classrooms.

Pear Tree Director, Alexis Birner, and Lindsay Bromley are two Vancouver school teachers and postgraduates. In this presentation at the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable, starring Kenneth Oppel, Alexis and Lindsay demonstrate how they use picture books in their classrooms in a critical and meaningful way.
The approach they use for their teaching and for how they use picture books comes a theory called ‘critical literacy’, which recognizes that the world is made up of socially constructed norms.
People can be empowered to question/critique and break down the norms presented in daily life.
For more activities and picturebook resources, you are welcome to check out Alexis and Lindsay’s blog titled www.inquiryintoeducation.com