Vancouver Courier article about Pear Tree’s Summer Camps

Paul Romani

Vancouver Courier article about Pear Tree's Summer Camp May 27thPear Tree’s Summer Camps discussed in today’s Vancouver Courier

In today’s issue (May 27th) of the Vancouver Courier, Pear Tree Education make an appearance on pages A16-A17 as part of the newspaper’s Summer Camp-o-Rama article.
Journalist, Shannon Lynch, was interested to know more about the benefits of kids attending Pear Tree’s summer camps, considering that they are so diverse.
Among the highlights discussed was the discussion about the difference between Pear Tree’s ‘Sports Science’ camp compared to a traditional sports camp.

“You get a lot of sports camps in Vancouver, but you don’t really get a lot of camps which integrate science and cooking within those courses. We think there’s not in learning about sports if you don’t know how to take care of your body”

To read more about what Pear Tree had to say, download the full PDF article using the link below.
Vancouver Courier article about Pear Tree’s Summer Camp May 27th