The eggs are here!

Paul Romani

Pear Tree is delighted to announce the arrival of its batch of 55 Coho salmon eggs!

It’s exciting to be part of any sustainability project. However, being part of the Salmon in the Classroom project run by¬†Fisheries and Oceans Canada is one of the greatest things any British Columbian can get involved in!
The project, which has been running for 33 years, was set-up to get schools involved in the community. It was also created to give inner city children the opportunity to get closer to nature.
Although the Salmon in the Classroom project is fairly widespread among Lower Mainland schools, most children don’t have the chance to take part in the project, because of the costs involved. As such, Pear Tree started taking part in this project to give all Vancouver kids this chance.
Pear Tree’s Salmon in the Classroom project combines science, language arts, social science, math, art, and technology.

In April, the students will release the salmon fry into the wild at Stanley Park. There, they will take part in an additional workshop provided by the Stanley Park Ecology Society.

Read more about the background of the Salmon in the Classroom project with this link: http://www.salmonidsintheclassroom.ca/pdf/SIChistory.pdf