Tennis Techniques

Paul Romani

Pear Tree tennis
Yesterday we went to a tennis court and practiced some tennis techniques.
We practiced 2 different styles of hitting the ball: backhand and forehand.
For forehand your forehand is facing forward. For backhand we take the racket and hold it across are chest and hit the ball with your racket.
Backhand is easier to do than forehand.We learned how to hold the racket. You hold the racket right under the triangle on the hilt.
Tennis has a very complex point scoring thing. The points are ordered like this: love, 15,30, 40, and deuce. Usually men play 5 sets and women play 3 sets.
Once you win most of the sets then you win the match.
There are 2 types of playing tennis: singles and doubles, referring to the player amount there are man boundary lines. Tennis balls are thick and green. They are also round. The strings on the racket are very tight.

Kyle, Cindy, and Reed