Summer Camps: Week 2 Highlights

Paul Romani

Every Pear Tree summer camp is action packed, but this week especially so!

For each day of the Super Scientists course, students studied different sub-themes, which included polymers, eggs, bubbles, and density.
There were so many great moments throughout the Super Scientists course, but probably the highlight was the Sink or Float game. This really exemplified Pear Tree Education’s unique education method in action. The students were given a specific amount of fake money with which they would purchase supplies from two Pear Tree ‘vendors’. Using their supplies, they would build a boat that would have to float while carrying increasingly heavy loads. After the buying and the building, the competition began to see whose boats would float and whose would sink. It was tremendous fun that incorporated math/finance, business, physics, teamwork, and time management – and this was with 5-7 year olds!
In the Reptiles course, students learned a lot of different things, not just about reptiles, but also about themselves. Like most people, the students had an irrational fear of snakes, despite being presented with the facts of corn snakes. Day two was the first day of handling Pear Tree’s corn snake. Day by day, the students became increasingly confident, to the point that they didn’t hesitate putting the snake around their necks! This was very impressive, and created a great feeling of pride among staff and students alike. Pear Tree’s reptiles courses are not just designed for kids to learn about snakes and other reptiles, but also about human nature; it’s about us learning to understand the world in order to know what is really worth being afraid of, and what is simply irrational fear. This connects perfectly to tackling xenophobia and other forms of fears that lead to hatred and discrimination.
This was also the second week of our 2-week Hot Lunch program. The most popular meals were the spaghetti bolognaise, tortellini, and the vegetable chow mein. The popularity of the vegetable chow mein was the big surprise. We knew it would be our own Sink or Float game! The kids would either love it or hate it. The idea of all of Pear Tree’s meals is to provide kids with a well-balanced nutritional diet.
Here are some photos of the week’s camps. However, as always, the full albums can be found on our Facebook page.