Students Meet Owls at Pear Tree Education

Paul Romani

Students at Pear Tree Education get to meet live owls as part their Night Creatures course.

Following two months of hands-on, interdisciplinary studies at Pear Tree’s 21st century learning centre on West Broadway, students finally got the chance to meet these amazing creatures close up.
The results were amazing, with the kids being enthralled by the owls and by the hands-on aspects of the workshop, which included getting to touch real owl talons, an owl wing, part of a bald eagle wing, and an owl skull!
Such workshops are all part of Pear Tree’s after-school classes. Previously in Pear Tree’s salmon lifecycle course, Pear Tree students got to raise Coho salmon eggs and then release them into the wild. Likewise, students in the Our Living Oceans course have the option to attend Pear Tree’s Marine Biology summer camp in Tofino.
Pear Tree would like to thank the O.W.L. Rehabilitation Society in Delta for providing this amazing workshop for its students!