Spring Break Photos!

Paul Romani

Pear Tree Education’s Spring Break day camps kick off with an awesome mixture of a CSI Forensics, Super Structures, and Kids Can Cook! course.

Nicolas' structure

Students in Pear Tree’s Super Structures course have already learned hands-on about shapes and the physical properties of those shapes.
As part of this, the students get to study shapes in real life, such as the oval shape of a preserved wasps’ nest, as well as man-made structures in and around Vancouver.
Then, by understanding the pros and cons of these different shapes, the kids then have to create their own structures in groups to solve some tricky problems, such as creating a bridge that can support weight.
In Pear Tree’s CSI Forensics course, students are learning about analysing fingerprints and blood. Every aspect of the course is hands on, and involves Internet research using the gigantic SMARTboard technology available in every one of Pear Tree’s classrooms.
“I love these SMARTboards.  I’ve never used them before,” says Pear Tree student, Naomi.

Student studying fingerprints

Despite never having used interactive boards before, all of the students (young and old) become quickly adept at using them.
These are ‘digital learners’ after all.

Student building a bridge

In Pear Tree’s Kids Can Cook! course, the students have learned how to cook egg in a frame, fruit crumble, bran muffins, and yeast pizza.
As part of the pizza making, the students did a scientific study of yeast.

Naomi cooking egg in a frame

Cooper (right) with Pear Tree teacher, Melissa (left)

Nicolas (left) and Kevin (right) in Super Structures course