Skills Learnt in Tennis

Sports Science

We learned how to play tennis in sports-science of Pear Tree summer school.

First of all, we learned how to hold the racquet,  hit the ball, and forehand and backhand. It was my first time to play tennis in my life, but the teacher taught me very kindly.

Secondly, we knew how we count the score and boundaries for single and doubles court. When I heard the rules for the first time, I was confused a little because it’s kind of weird how we count the score (15, 30, 40, point). But as I keep playing, I understood the rules.

Finally, we learned sportsmanship in tennis. We learned to respect others and co-operate with partner. We realized that co-operation is very important to win games and share feelings.

In conclusion, we learned lots of information about sports. We would like to use this skills in the future.