Salmon in the Classroom Underway

Paul Romani

Pear Tree’s Salmon in the Classroom project is underway!

Students at Pear Tree Education have commenced their salmon course, which covers the basic set-up of the tank.
Now, the students are awaiting the arrival of the salmon eggs – scheduled to arrive on the 24th January.

The picture above shows the basic set-up of the tank. However, it will soon be wrapped in insulation to keep the cold in and the light out.
Although the Salmon in the Classroom project (created by¬†Fisheries and Oceans Canada) is fairly common among Vancouver schools, Pear Tree’s approach is very 21st century.
The course incorporates science, language arts, and social studies, as well as math. Art and technology are used throughout the course to study and create projects. We’ll be posting examples of the students’ work as the course progresses.
Beyond the salmon lifecycle, the course is designed to give students a deep understanding of the connection between salmon and British Columbia, environmentally, culturally, and economically. By the end of the course, the students will not only know a lot about salmon, but will also have contributed to the sustainability of salmon.
The full course continues from January to March. However, in April, Pear Tree students in this course will visit Stanley Park to release the salmon fry into Beaver Creek.
We believe that this is the ultimate Salmon in the Classroom course!