Public Speaking at Pear Tree Education

Paul Romani

Public speaking at Pear Tree

Public speaking at Pear Tree

If your idea of public speaking is a traditional speaking contest or that public speaking abilities are determined by ones ability to talk in front of people… mmm, please please please… think again!

‘Public speaking’ is a very desirable educational skill, however it’s not natural for a child to practice public speaking in isolation or in some kind of artificially warped way in which the child is expected to speak like, dress like, and present like an adult!
Public speaking at Pear Tree is about what is natural, normal, and beneficial for children. It’s ‘natural, normal, and beneficial’ to talk about something they know about and care about because it is relevant to the child’s life.
The themes of Pear Tree’s courses are things that kids want to learn about and are interested in – topics that are relevant not only to children, but to everyone! From this, they being to care about certain aspects of these topics – enough to want to and be able to talk about them.
Then, with mentoring from Pear Tree’s instructors, the children will present their ideas in a variety of ways: role play / drama / film, individual / group presentations, and audio recordings to accompany images. In this way, they are able to develop public speaking abilities and self confidence in a way that is natural for children.
The vast majority of Pear Tree’s current courses incorporate these methods of developing public speaking skills. Nevertheless, all of our courses prioritise the theme. The theme inspires relevant public speaking and other educational outcomes.