Powerful Plyometrics!!!

Paul Romani

Today we learned how to perform Squat Jumps, balancing on one leg, and depth jumps properly.

We learned that, to do a depth jump properly, you have to jump off of a bench or a piece of concrete that is a little ways above the ground.

As you hit the ground, you use the force as a spring to push you up again.

We learned that Squat Jumps are good for you when you play sports like basketball and soccer and other sports where you have to jump up to win the game.

Standing on one leg improves your balance, and balance is good because when you play sports. For example, say you are playing football, and a guy tries to tackle you, and you try to stay up. Some people don’t have good balance, so they wouldn’t be able to stay up very long. They would just fall right over. Lets just say that you have great balance.

You would take a little bit longer to take down. Balance is good for every sport, so you might want to practice standing on one leg, or standing on a wobble board to improve your sense of balance. Its so fun to learn at Pear Tree.

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By: Ethan, Erika, and Bianca