percy jackson review by:Kiran

Paul Romani

percy jackson
Percy has stolen Zeus’s lightning bolt and has to return it to zeus in ten to reurn peace to olympus. He gets help from chiron and others at camp halfblood an enclosure for half human half mytholigical creatures. He goes across america in search of the lightning bolt. Percy eventually finds it and returns to Zeus, he also gets to meet his father god of the sea. Finally he returns to his normal life in Manhattan.
I liked the art in the book, I also like how the author tryed to put action and humor in the book, I also found it in intresting how there are many diffrent settings in the book for example camp halfblood, Newyork, ST.Louis, Denver, Las vegas, and LA. I think the author should have explained the plot a bit more at the start because at first I didn’t understand why percy had to go to camp halfblood , I also think they could explain the relationship between Percy’s dad and the god of war.