Unlock an Unforgettable Summer: Explore, Learn, and Grow at Vancouver's Premier Camp

From arts and science to sports and adventures — our inclusive camp welcomes kids and teens for a summer packed with fun, friendship, and discovery.

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6 x Locations to Choose From!

Burnaby (Near Metrotown)

Campus Location: Nelson Avenue Community Church, 5825 Nelson Ave
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ESL Camp Options:


East Van (Near Olympic Village)

Campus Location: St. Michael’s Multicultural Anglican Church, 409 E. Broadway
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Summer Camp Options:

ESL Camp Options:


North Vancouver (Near Ray Perrault Park)

Campus Location: St. Agnes Church, 530 12th St E
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Summer Camp Options:

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Steveston (Near Steveston Harbour)

Campus Location: Steveston United Church, 3720 Broadway St, Richmond
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Vancouver West (Kitsilano)

Campus Location: Pear Tree Education, Suite 215-2678 W Broadway
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White Rock (Near Steveston Harbour)

Campus Location: White Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church, 14615 16 Ave, Surrey
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Summer Camp Options:

Course, Date, and Price Information?

To view more information about the dates, prices and course information, click on the links above.

As our camps tends to book fairly quickly, book now to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you are able to secure our multi-week discounts.


  • What are the times?

    Camp times are 9am – 3pm

    We have optional extras for pre-camp (8-9am) and after-camp (3-5pm), which can be booked on an as-and-when basis.

  • What does a typical day look like?

    A Typical Day

    8am-9am – Before Camp Care (optional)
    8:50-9am – Arrivals
    9-9:15am – Soft Start
    9:15-10:15am – 1st Activity
    10:15-10:30am – Snack // Free Play
    10:30-12pm – 2nd Activity or Cultural Trip
    12-1pm – Lunch Time // Free Play
    1-2pm – Park // Sports Time
    2-2:10pm – Snack Time
    2:10-2:50pm – 3rd Activity
    2:50-3:10pm – Home Time
    3-5pm – After Camp Care (optional)

  • Do you offer half-day camps?

    No, we only offer full-week, full-day camps.

    Our camps are for educational purposes, and are designed around educational themes led by school teachers.

    We are not a day care.

  • Do I need to book the whole summer?

    No, you can book 1 week or more depending on your requirements.

    We highly recommend, however, booking at least 4 weeks to ensure our multi-week discount.

  • Do you accept 4 year olds?

    Unfortunately not. This would fall under daycare licensing, which we are not licensed for.

    Our minimum age is 5 years old at the time of attendance.

  • My kid loves art. Do you have any art camps?

    Yes, we many of our camps incorporate a large amount of art. Some are exclusively art camps.

    However, the whole point of our camps is to give your child a different experience of education, one where everything is fun and enjoyable if done the right way.

    As such, we highly encourage you to take your child out of their comfort zone and try some of our other camp options.

  • What are the class sizes

    For the 5-6 and 7-9 camps, the maximum class size is 16 students.

    For the 10-14 and ESL camps, the maximum class size is 10 students.

    Price differences are reflective of these class-size differences.

  • What is your are your policies for ________?

    All of our policies can be found here in the Summer Camp section.

  • Are your camps indoors or outdoors?

    They are both!

    We believe in a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor time.

    Outdoor park time is structured into our schedule every day, rain or shine. We are now including sports time during the park time to further encourage active play.

    For many of the camps, additional outdoor time is built in due to the theme lending itself to outdoor activities.

  • Are field trips included?

    We try to build field trips into our themes whenever possible.

    For the most part, we try to make use of our local attractions as opportunities to take learning out of the classroom.

Parent Testimonials


I just wanted to take a moment to send in some positive feedback to you and the Pear Tree team. My husband and I are very impressed with all the things he has learned so far at Pear Tree. I am a teacher, and I think the Pear Tree summer camp program was a wonderfully educational experience for my son.

We registered our son in every single week of this summer program. Every day, he came back with some amazing things!! I have told a lot of friends about your program! Nothing but praise.


My daughter has been really enjoying your camp! I am so impressed by how much she’s learned and how much fun she’s having. Big Kudos to your team for creating such fun and informative camps!


I believe my daughter benefited a lot from attending the camps so a big thank you is in order for all the staff at Pear Tree.


I felt wonderful reading about Pear Tree and the 21st century educational methods of helping students to learn. I’m impressed by your teaching skills and creativity. It’s amazing. I loved watching your videos on YouTube and showed it to my school staff. They to were impressed with your educational ideas to enhance learning.
Good job. Hats off to you and your team.


I am very impressed by your program. My son loves going to your camps and has a craving to learn more. I believe he is proud of what he learns with you and feels good about himself. This has not really been his experience at school.


Pear Tree is awesome!!!


Just want to let you know that my daughter has come home every day completely excited about her experiences at Pear Tree. She is absolutely loving the program! What more can we ask for?


It was a great experience for my daughter. Now she is asking me if she can go back to Pear Tree this summer ???? Thanks everyone.


My son and daughter had a great time at camp last week. As a parent I was also thrilled with how happy and stimulated they both seemed after. They were proud of their work and I had the sense that the camp allowed them to stretch their creative muscles a little. Please pass on my enthusiastic and positive feedback to your teachers and to Alexis.


My daughters have both been raving about Pear Tree’s camps — which is really saying something, believe me — I usually get a lot of “I don’t want to go”s when they’re signed up for camps!