Pear Tree Education's Students Go To Miku Sushi

Paul Romani

What better way to exemplify Pear Tree’s ideals than a field trip to a high-end Vancouver restaurant?

Students in Pear Tree’s ‘Kids Can Cook!’ spring break course are learning about cooking in a truly 21st century manner:

  • Hand-ons cooking throughout the course
  • Learning about food nutrition and healthy eating (what’s good for you / bad for you, what your body needs and why)
  • Practicing food and kitchen safety
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork (especially in restaurants)
  • Learning about the importance of following recipes (so very elementary exposure to science/food science/chemical reactions)

While Pear Tree’s students may already come from families with very healthy eating habits, kids often don’t know anything about the food they are eating, why their parents give them such food, or why their parents steer clear of McDonalds!
As part of the course, the students got to visit one of Vancouver’s most highly-rate sushi restaurants – Miku Sushi (West Hastings St).
Miku Sushi’s managers, Patrick Rider and Tony Albertson, and their chefs reinforced everything covered during Pear Tree’s course: teamwork, safety, quality ingredients, and food safety.
Seeing all areas of a real restaurant in operation was a special treat – no to mention the free samples of extremely traditional examples of Japanese sushi.
Connecting education to real-life is a core principle in Pear Tree’s education method. What better way than such a field trip to a real-life Vancouver business?
It is great to find businesses like Miku Sushi that want to connect with kids, families and the community.

Visit to Miku Sushi

Students examining ingredients with Chef Chris

Testing out the soda dispenser with Patrick Rider!

Cutting the salmon

Watching the chef in action

Special sushi preparation method

Sampling the end product

Recipes and measurements

Making bread

Making pizza dough

Sisters making pizza

A future chef?

Naomi cooking egg in a frame