Parent Testimonial: "I'm honestly amazed!"

Paul Romani

We asked one of the parents for feedback on Pear Tree’s classes. Here is what she had to say:


1.  What motivated you enter the competition to attend Pear Tree’s spring break courses?

I had been hearing about the Pear Tree spring break courses on the radio every morning while driving the kids to school.


I was looking for a spring break activity that would engage my two boys and teach them something, not just ‘keep them busy’ over the break.


When the salmon life cycle course was advertised we were hooked as my boys repeatedly talk about ‘the day we released the salmon fry’ with the Vancouver Aquarium.


Even though the Pear Tree learning center was still under construction just before the break, talking to the teachers there about what they were offering and perusing the Pear Tree website and understanding the philosophy of teaching that was driving them got myself and family very excited about what was going to be happening there!


And so, we entered the competition for the spring break course.  Additionally, on the day of the Pear Tree open house we signed up for two additional sessions than we had originally intended.


2.  What is your feedback on Pear Tree and its courses?

I think the response of my two boys is the best feedback.  Each night they ask “Is it a Pear Tree day tomorrow?”  When I say “yes”, they both smile and say “Yeah!” or “I love going to Pear Tree Education”.


We do soccer, swimming, riding, and art class with the boys.  Though they enjoy these activities, the level of enthusiasm to go to them is nothing compared to going to these Pear Tree sessions.


I honestly am amazed.


My boys both like school but they can’t get enough of Pear Tree it seems.


It’s a hands on learning style with naturally engaging and unique course topics.   I am extremely happy with what the boys are learning and how they are learning it.  The level of enthusiasm that the teachers at Pear Tree bring to each day translates quickly to their students.