Poetry Analysis & Essay Writing Classes (Online)

Whether you’re preparing for the Mini School Exam or are concerned about High School level poetry and essay writing, Pear Tree’s ‘Poetry Analysis & Essay Writing’ course can help your Grade 6-8 child!

Poetry Analysis - Mini School Exam

In our experience, children in public elementary schools around Vancouver have little to no experience analyzing poetry. This sets them at a big disadvantage entering high school, as well as taking entrance exams like the VSB Mini School exam.

The purpose of Pear Tree’s ‘Poetry Analysis & Essay Writing’ classes is to familiarise Grade 6-8 children with:

How to analysis poetry in a logical and profound way,

What literary terminology means, and

How to present their analysis in writing in the form of an essay.


While we do not guarantee that your child will be amazing at poetry analysis or essay writing, we offer the ultimate preparation for your child for the Mini School entrance exam and high school in general.

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Course Price

4 x Poetry Analysis Video Sessions = $150 + GST
(Price includes PDF materials and feedback on all coursework submitted)


Registration for Levels 2 & 3 only made available to students who have completed Level 1.

More About Our Online Classes

The poems selected for our Poetry Analysis & Essay Writing classes are all intended to be engaging, relevant and profound.

Each week we will study at least one poem. Instruction will be provided using a pre-recorded video, which students will be able to watch/reference multiple times. At the end of each video, students will be assigned a follow-up activity. The student’s work should be emailed to the class teacher (Paul), who will provide written feedback. Teacher feedback is offered for the quality of analysis and writing.

We avoid the typical cheesy, superficial poetry studied in schools; and, although we do look occasionally at classic poems (e.g. Shakespeare, mostly for the purpose of poetry styles of the times), we focus on more modern poetry with language and contexts that students can connect with more easily.

Using considerable amounts of critical thinking, we study poetry from the perspectives of both Content and Style.


About The Course Instructor

Paul Romani (M.Ed., B.A.)

Paul Romani is the co-founder and director of Pear Tree Education and Pear Tree Elementary. He has a Masters of Education degree in Educational Technology and Learning Design from Simon Fraser University. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia.

A proponent of 21st century learning, Paul believes strongly in equipping students with real-world skills and abilities that will help them develop the confidence to excel both in and out of the classroom.

Paul has over 15 years’ teaching experience across all age groups. Currently, he specializes in teaching Pear Tree’s Mini School and SSAT exam preparation courses, as well as Pear Tree’s Poetry Analysis & Essay Writing courses.

Paul also spearheads Pear Tree’s YouTube channel, a highly sought after resource on the topic of 21st century education. His videos have some of the top views on this topic and are used by American, British, and other international universities in their teaching training programs.

Read below testimonials about Paul’s classes!

Poetry Analysis - Mini School Exam

The Levels Explained

While the levels of our courses are somewhat arbitrary, the purpose is for students to work alongside peers who share similar experience and aptitude with poetry, as well as similar ages.

Level 1: Beginner level

Recommended for grades 6+, this course will be the first class to take for the majority of students, given that most children have never studied poetry before. If in doubt, this is the course you should sign up for to begin with.

This course covers the most common literary terminology, e.g. metaphors. Poems at this level tend to be shorter, but nevertheless interesting and challenging.


Level 2: Intermediate level

Also recommended for grades 6+, our Level 2  course will provide a much deeper understanding of poetry analysis, building upon the previous experience. If your child has attended one or more of our beginner level courses, our Mini School Prep courses, or has studied poetry elsewhere, this course is right for you.

This course covers even more common literary terminology. Poems at this level are of varied lengths in order to expose students to a greater variety of poetry.


Level 3: ‘Advanced’ level

Our ‘advanced’ level course is more designed for high schools students in grades 8-10 with at least an intermediate level understanding of poetry analysis.

This level goes far beyond our beginner and intermediate level courses, particularly with the range of literary terminology covered. Likewise, the expectations for critical thinking, poetry analysis and written output are much higher, too.


Please note that as we have 3 x sessions for this course (February, April and May), you are welcome to sign up for 1-3 sessions depending on your need/interest. We will use different poems for each course to avoid repetition.

Poetry Analysis - Mini School Exam

Parent Testimonials

My son really likes your approach to the class, and he is looking forward to the next class.

Thank you for being such a good teacher!

Thanks for the feedback. My son really enjoyed the session and said he was looking forward to the next one! I have never heard him say that about school work before! This is the kind of environment we are hoping a mini can offer him, a place where it is fun to learn.

I wanted to say thank you for the quality education you are providing to my daughter at Pear Tree.

We wanted to let you know that although my son was hesitant about joining the class before going, he has said that he is really enjoying your class.

My son relates to you and your teaching method.

Thanks Paul. He was telling me about the vocabulary in the car. We appreciate all the techniques you’ve shared with him. You were a great match for him, and I know he learned a lot.

My son still treasures your assigned readings from last year. I can’t begin to express how much impact your sessions have had. I think he was little disappointed he couldn’t continue the sessions but he’s been lucky to have awesome teachers in the program this year to keep him engaged with school.