After-School Enrichment

Enrichment courses for Sept - Dec 2019!

Starting w/c 9th September, Pear Tree Education is offering the following after-school enrichment programs.

Ages 5-10: The Hour of Code

Ages 5-10: Science Lab

Ages 5-10: Photography

Ages 5-10: Games & Strategy

Price per class = $25 + GST
Price for 4-day week = $80 + GST (you save $20!)
Minimum commitment = 4 x consecutive classes
Courses run from w/c 9th Sept – 12th Dec 2019 (n.b. we are closed Sept 23rd, Oct 14th, Nov 11th)

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We will email you the invoice. You can still pay online.
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Course Descriptions

Mondays 4-5pm
The Hour of Code (Ages 5-10)

The weekly Hour of Code at Pear Tree incorporates critical thinking, problem solving, math and creativity. Students will work with a variety of coding apps and programs, including Little Codr, LightBot, Swift Playgrounds, Osmo, Scratch, Tynker and Pear-y, our Dash robot.

Each class will be guided but students will apply problem solving skills and work either in small groups or teams to work through challenges. Students are not required to bring a device.

Tuesdays 4-5pm

Science Lab (Ages 5-10)

When students think of science, they generally think of  experiments!

Each class, the students will learn about a different principal related to chemistry or physics, and then conduct an experiment following the Scientific Method. We’ll make predictions, use our senses, and draw conclusions. We’ll even be able to take some of our experiments home!

Wednesdays 4-5pm

Photography (Ages 5-10)

Fall is a great season to go outdoors in Kitsilano and practice basic photography techniques! We will work on the Rule of Thirds, discover how to take great portraits, take shots from various perspectives, and capture still life.

Our photography will include nature, objects, ourselves, and our classmates. Students will also learn how to edit photos, create collages, and blend photos.

Students will use a device from Pear Tree for the photography class.


Games & Strategy (Ages 5-10)

From classic games like Dutch Blitz, to card games like Cheat and Spoons, to newer games like Blokus and Carcassonne, it’s going to be fun every week! Games are a great way to practice social skills like good sportsmanship, following rules, turn taking and dealing with disappointment. We will also practice critical thinking and strategies.

This game hour is also an opportunity to spend time with friends and socialize!