After-School Enrichment

Enrichment courses for Sep - Dec 2021!

Starting w/c 8th September, Pear Tree Education is offering the following after-school enrichment programs.

Ages 5-10: Coding Club

Hour of Code at Pear Tree incorporates critical thinking, problem solving, math and creativity. Students will work with a variety of coding apps and programs, including Little Codr, LightBot, Osmo, Scratch, Tynker and Peary, our Dash robot. Each class will be guided but students will apply problem solving skills and work either in small groups or teams to work through challenges. Students are not required to bring a device.

Ages 5-10: Cooking Club

If you love to cook and eat, then this is the perfect club for you! Each class, we will make a delicious snack and eat it! You’ll learn to measure ingredients, read a recipe and practice preparing things safely. It’s a great way to try new foods and experiment with recipes!

Ages 5-10: STEM Challenges

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! Students will be taught to safely work with materials such as glue guns, exact-o knives, hammers, LED lights, and batteries. Some examples of the challenges include making Lego Ziplines, soap powered boats, and marble runs! At the end of each class, students will share their ideas to their peers. This is a great hands-on class that involves exploration, critical thinking and inventing!

Ages 5-10: Painter’s Pallet

Inspired by famous painters, the Painter’s Pallet students will explore various types of paints including water colour, tempera, acrylic, finger paint, and even bubble painting! We’ll practice different painting techniques each class, and students will bring home their masterpieces.

Price per class = $25 + GST
Minimum commitment = 4 x consecutive classes
Courses run from w/c 8th Sept – 16th Dec 2021

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