Spring Camps Vancouver 2019

Pear Tree Education is offering the ultimate Vancouver spring camps for boys and girls aged 5-14.

We have spring camps for up to 2 weeks (March 18th-29th), with individual spring camps lasting 1 week.

Our courses fill up very fast, so make sure that you book soon to avoid disappointment!

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All of our Vancouver spring camps are designed by Pear Tree.

Led by experienced Vancouver school teachers, our spring camps offer exceptional levels of safety, enjoyment and education!

At $320 per 5-day camp, you won’t find a better value for money spring camp anywhere else in Vancouver!

We also offer two additional services including a Hot Lunch program ($67/wk) and pre-camp/after-camp care ($125/wk combo).

1) Pear Tree’s Spring Camp Vancouver brochure

  • Week 1: March 18th - 22nd

    Our Community (Ages 5-6)

    We will explore the roles of various important members of our community, including fire fighters, construction workers, doctors, police officers and veterinarians.

    These roles will be explored through art, literature, and dramatic play.

    Students will take on the roles of different community members, design their own town, and learn how they fit in our community.

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    Super Scientists (Ages 7-9)

    Get your lab coats and beakers ready!

    Science is always fun when you’re doing the experiments! In this exciting, hands-on course, we’ll be conducting a variety of experiments, learning about the scientific method, carrying out observations and recording data in our science journals, just like real scientists.

    Among our activities will be ‘Flubber’ making, dissections, and even kitchen science, where we get to eat our experiments!

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    Makerspaces (Ages 10-14)

    In Pear Tree’s Makerspace camp, students work on collaborative, technology-driven projects that require the creative use of resources and multidisciplinary knowledge.

    Taking place over a 5-day week, your child will explore circuits, music, art, and robotics. Some
    of the technology we will use will include: Makey Makey, Little Bits, Snap Circuits, and a Dash robot.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a $10 additional materials fee for this course.

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  • Week 2: March 25th - 29th

    Salmon Project (Ages 5-6)

    Do you want to feel like a biologist and study the life cycle of an animal up-close? Pear Tree is raising 55 Coho salmon!

    In this course, we’ll learn about the salmon life cycle, and do lots of hands-on activities, art, and experiments to develop your science skills.

    Students participating in this course are invited to join us with their parents in releasing the salmon at Beaver Creek in Stanley Park at the beginning of April!

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    Ancient Egypt (Ages 7-9)

    Pyramids, mummies, tomb raiders and hieroglyphics- what is Ancient Egypt really about?

    Students will participate in a ceremony to mummify a chicken, make a mask like a pharaoh, focus on an Egyptian god and make a model of a pyramid. We’ll learn about some of the fascinating inventions created by Ancient Egyptians that we still use today!

    We’ll also do a variety of Reader’s Theater activities to help understand what life was really like in Ancient Egypt!

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    Cooking Science (Ages 10-14)

    Cooking is both an art and a science. Pear Tree’s cooking science course is the best hands-on method for kids to develop a fascination and deeper understanding of chemistry.

    Students will learn about, cook with, and eat a variety of ingredients that transform depending on how they are prepared.

    PLEASE NOTE: Pear Tree’s healthy Hot Lunch Program is mandatory for this course, as food is provided throughout the week. Therefore, an additional $67 must be added to the camp price.

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    Pear Tree online secure booking system

Spring Camp Vancouver Prices 2019

By booking 2 weeks of our Vancouver spring camps, you will save 10% off our regular price. We’re confident you won’t find a better value for money Vancouver spring camp! Prices are for 5-day weeks.

Spring Camps Vancouver


**All prices subject to GST
**Deposit = $100 per course registration

Additional Options

Pear Tree’s Healthy Hot Lunch Program

Why not take advantage of Pear Tree’s Hot Lunch Program? For just $67 per week, your child will receive a healthy combination of a hot meal with veggies, and a morning and afternoon snack!

Our menu is approved by a certified nutritionist, and is prepared by our in-house chef.

Sample Menu

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2) Register now for Pear Tree’s Spring Camps Vancouver!

CAMPUS ADDRESS: Pear Tree Education, Suite 215 – 2678 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V6K 2G3.

Each camp registration requires a $100 + GST non-refundable deposit per course, which is to be paid immediately upon registration. To register, either book online using Amilia (option 1), or fill out the following registration form (option 2).

Please note that if you choose Option 2 and do not pay your deposit, you will be asked to re-register using Option 1.

Option 1:

Book and pay online

Pear Tree online secure booking system

Option 2:

We will email you the invoice. You can still pay online.
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Spring Camps of Interest:
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Pear Tree Spring Camp Highlights

  • 15 x kids per spring camp (maximum)

  • 1 x school teacher per class

  • Plus classroom assistant (for young classes)

  • 1:5 ratio on field trips

  • Very high quality spring camps

  • Amazing value for money!

  • Healthy balance of indoor/outdoor time

Pear Tree Education is about to change your idea of spring camps! With any Pear Tree spring camp, your child will spend as much time as possible outside, experiencing education hands-on in the open air. Your child will learn and experience diverse skills and goals, such as multidisciplines (science, math, social studies, and language arts), creativity, teamwork, technology, public speaking, sports, and critical thinking.

Furthermore, Pear Tree offers some of the most unique educational experiences, connecting education to the community!

If your child has never taken a course with Pear Tree, we’re about to change your understanding of education, too, because Pear Tree Education is Vancouver’s one and only 21st century private elementary school and learning centre. All of our courses are taught by fully-qualified, experienced school teachers passionate about our system of learning. We’re confident you won’t find a better educational summer camp.

Our Vancouver camps are located at Pear Tree Education, Suite 215 – 2678 West Broadway on the corner of Stephens St.

Terms & Conditions + Waiver

  • Tax

    All prices are subject to 5% GST.
    GST will also be charged on deposit payments (i.e. $105 total for one deposit).

  • Deposits

    Your child will be registered only when a $100 deposit has been received for the specific course(s) they are attending. Deposits are part of the course price, they are not additional.

    Deposits are non-refundable (except in the event that course is cancelled), but may be transferred to alternative courses. Deposits cannot be combined.

  • Switching Courses

    You are permitted to switch your current registration to one of our other courses up to 7 days before the start of the current course (subject to availability of alternative course).

  • Final Payment

    Full payment must be received 1 week before the start of the course. If credit cards details have been provided, payment will automatically be charged to your credit card. Otherwise, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide payment details by the due date.

  • Refunds

    Requests for refunds on full payments can be made in writing or in person up to 2 weeks (14 days) before the start of the applicable course(s). We will refund your money in the manner it was originally paid to us, less the $100 non-refundable deposit(s).

  • Behaviour

    If your child is asked to leave our course(s) due to bad behaviour, no refund will be issued. Expulsion from Pear Tree’s camps is a last-case course of action. Initially, Pear Tree will communicate with parents to try to deal with bad behaviour. However, if the child’s actions are repeated and/or a threat to themselves, other children, or the quality of Pear Tree’s camps, expulsion will be necessary.

  • Course Cancellations

    In the extremely-rare event that there are insufficient students registered in your course, Pear Tree Education reserves the right to cancel this course, but will offer you the choice of an alternative course or a full refund, including deposit payments. Pear Tree endeavours to provide parents with as much advanced notice as possible concerning cancellations so that you have the opportunity to find alternative camp arrangements.

  • Curricula Changes

    Curricula content may vary from the course description advertised.

  • Course Level

    Unless explicitly mentioned, all courses are intended for beginners. As such, we always start from the basics. It is unrealistic to expect our courses to begin at advanced level material, as we have no prior knowledge of the abilities of our students.

  • Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policies

    For welfare purposes, parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are dropped off and picked up by an adult – regardless of the age of your children. Unlike a regular school, Pear Tree students cannot arrive or leave unaccompanied, unless this has been agreed by Pear Tree’s directors.

    Unless you are registered for our Pre-Camp service, student arrival time should be no earlier than 8.50am. If children arrive earlier, parents must remain with their children until 8.50am, at which time the children can enter the classroom.

    Pear Tree Education reserves the right to charge a fee for after-camp supervision in the event of very late or persistently late pick up times.

    Pear Tree must be informed, in advance, of the details of any person (or changes in person) that will be picking up your child, whether this be a relative, nanny, or family friend. You can do this by email, or speak to one of Pear Tree’s managers.

    Parents are welcome to wait in our reception area until 9.30am, but cannot remain in the classroom once the class has begun.

    As with most public/private schools, students at Pear Tree are expected to be in class from 9am – 3pm. We do not offer the flexible hours of daycares.

  • Attendance

    Please note that we do not provide (partial) refunds if your child is unable to attend the full course (e.g. because of appointments, sickness or vacations).

  • Responsibility for Child

    Pear Tree is responsible for your child’s welfare/safety only when parents/guardians have left Pear Tree’s facilities.

  • Shyness / Anxiety

    If your child suffers from separation anxiety or a reluctance to meet new people or participate in new activities, it is the parent’s responsibility to arrange a tour of Pear Tree’s facilities before registering. This is to give your child the opportunity to become accustomed to our new surroundings, as well as for you to determine if your child will be comfortable attending our summer camps.

    Please note that we do not provide refunds on course payments or deposits in the event that your child is unwilling to participate in or attend our course(s).

    Parents are welcome to wait in our reception area until 9.30am, but cannot remain in the classroom once the class has begun.

  • Lunch Policy

    If you do not wish to choose Pear Tree’s ‘Hot Lunch’ option, you are responsible for providing your children with a packed lunch. As part of our educational philosophy of connecting education real life, Pear Tree Education strongly advises that this lunch be a healthy, well-balanced meal (i.e. one that contains complex carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and ideally essential fatty acids AKA EFAs). Pizzas, hamburgers and hot dogs – even homemade versions – are not permitted at Pear Tree.

  • '3-Bite' Rule

    As part of Pear Tree’s ‘Hot Lunch’ program and our endeavour to increase good eating habits habits, students are expected to sample every lunch and snack. Our general guideline is 3 bites of a variety of the ingredients, though the actual number of bites may be more/less depending upon the circumstances. If you do not support this policy, you are advised not the choose our Hot Lunch program.

  • Clothing

    Children should wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and the nature of the activities they are participating in. As part of our policy for daily outdoor activity, we will go outside even if it’s raining.

  • Sun Protection

    Please ensure that your arrives at Pear Tree with sunscreen already applied. Pear Tree is able to apply further sunscreen if this is provided and requested. Parents are also encourage to provide their children with a sun hat and sunglasses.

  • Indoor Shoes

    We ask that children bring a pair of indoor shoes (e.g. slippers, flip flops) to change into.

  • Medical / Dietary Information

    Parents are responsible for informing Pear Tree’s directors of any relevant medical and dietary information that affects your child’s safety and welfare, as well as positive participation in our courses. This includes disorders such as autism, ADHD, etc.

  • Medical Treatment

    By registering your child with Pear Tree, you are consenting to Pear Tree’s first aid qualified staff or an attending physician to provide medical attention to your child in the event on an accident or emergency.

    Parents are responsible for all costs in the event of emergency medical treatment.

  • Field Trips

    For field trips, Pear Tree uses a combination of public buses and walking, both of which carry a degree of risk. Parents are consenting to this when registering for courses with inclusive field trips.

  • Waiver

    For all Pear Tree camps / courses, you agree that there is a certain degree of risk of injury involved in your child’s participation in such activities, and waive any and all right and claim for any damages of any sort or any other claim or remedy of any sort I may have against Pear Tree Education, its directors, officers, and staff, in connection with your child’s participation in Pear Tree’s courses.

  • Photo / Video Policy

    Parents consent to pictures and videos taken by Pear Tree’s staff to be used in promotion or advertisement for its educational services and future summer camps, including on its website and Instagram / Facebook pages.