Drop Off Procedure

  • Please ensure that you have completed our online assessment form prior to each day’s arrival
  • Drop off is between 8.50am – 9.10am
  • Please park on the street.
  • Do not park on church property or in the lane, as this is used by the preschool.

  • Please use the following path that leads through the preschool yard. Please do not touch the play equipment in the preschool courtyard. This is for another organisation.

  • Either our centre manager or a classroom teacher will be waiting at the rear of the building

  • Parents should wait outside in the line up with their children.
  • The classroom teacher will ask you if you have completed the online assessment form for your child. If you haven’t, you will be asked to complete the online form (if you have a QR reader, we can provide a direct link to the form) or a paper version.
  • Parents are not allowed in the building (except during pre-camp and after-camp supervision sessions), unless permission granted or you arrive after 9am.


Pick Up Procedure

  • Pick up time will be from 2.50 – 3.10pm (unless registered for after-camp)
  • Alexis or a classroom teacher will meet you at the rear entrance to the building
  • Parents should wait outside in the line up.
  • The classroom teacher will sign your child out once you have picked your child up.
  • Parents are not allowed inside of Pear Tree’s facility (except during pre-camp and after-camp supervision sessions), or unless permission granted.

What to Bring

Because of COVID measures, students should only come to Pear Tree with:

  • Indoor shoes (in addition to their outdoor shoes). Indoor shoes can be left at Pear Tree for the week.
  • A water bottle (labelled with your child’s name)
  • A sun hat / sunglasses
  • A jacket
  • Packed lunch (ideally in a brown paper bag)
  • Sunscreen should be applied before arriving.
    Staff can apply our own sun spray, but cannot physically apply the lotion for your child
  • EpiPen? if your child has a severe allergy, ensure that your child has an EpiPen on them at all times. Inform Pear Tree staff of this, too.

What Not to Bring

  • Pear Tree is a nut-free zone. Do not bring any products with nuts into any of our facilities!
  • Please be cautious with the snacks you provide your child, especially granola bars, which often contain nuts.
  • If we notice that your child has a product containing nuts, we will need to dispose of this for the safety of the other students.