Nausicaa Review – Bruno

Paul Romani

Nausicaa of the valley of the wind.

Bruno Molinari Monteiro.
My thoughts.
Nausicaa is a book about the world after the seven days of fire which were seven days of Great War and pollution by giant robotic beings called god warriors which were created by ancient humans. Nausicaa is the princess of the valley of the wind she has an strange power which allows her to speak to the great insects of the sea of corruption which creates deadly spores which affected Nausicaa’s father the king and now Nausicaa has to lead the remaining valleys to rise against the powerful empire who wants nothing but to dominate the world and they will do anything possible to do it.
My opinion: I think that this graphic novel is very interesting I like the art style and the story I liked the charterers more than the plot itself there is master Yupa which is believed of being the best swordsman in the entire periphery and he always comes back to the valley of the wind to tell stories of distant lands.  There is also Nausicaa which is a young princess of the valley of the wind she was trained by master Yupa to be the best swordsman (or shall I say swordswoman) and air glider to lead the valleys on the many wars that are to come. I like the charterers because I think it is different of what normally is and that is what makes this graphic novel different than others and I also found it funny the way that you have to read the book which is different than what I am used to read for example I have to read the pages from the “back” to the “front” and I also have to read first the right page and first the right balloon then the left page and the left balloon.