LAIKA: My thoughts By: Cindy

Paul Romani

LAIKA: My thoughts

Written and illustrated by: Nick Abadzis

Colour by: Hilary Sycamore

Theme: emotional

I like the story because there are some parts of history in it, so it relates to real life. I also like the art work because it shows the expressions of the characters faces very well and I can relate to the character’s emotions very well. I enjoy how the story shifts from the different character’s perspectives.

          The story focusses on three main characters, Laika who is an abandoned puppy nobody can take in. Korolev is an escaped gulag prisoner who is now a top rocket scientist at a laboratory that is focused on sending a dog to outer space before the Americans do. Korolev is training Laika to be the first dog in space, and Yelena is the person in charge of Laika’s health and life. I predict this book is going to be really emotional because most of the time, when there are animals in books, they die in the end.

By: Cindy