Insider on CSI Forensics course [updated]

Paul Romani

Facial Composite Software, Problem Solving, and Fingerprint Comparisons…

Students in Pear Tree’s Spring Break CSI Forensics course have learned that, like many things, police work is a blend of science, social studies, and critical thinking skills.

Student using facial composite software on SMARTboard

Among the fun and educational activities, students have listened to crime-scene accounts, carried out crime scene observations, analyzed physical and trace evidence, and examined DNA fingerprinting.

Student studying fingerprints

Pear Tree’s teacher, Jen, has taken the facial composite software to a whole new level by utilising Pear Tree’s interactive SMARTboards.
The activity involves tremendous observation skills, and an awareness of facial features and structures.
At the end of the course, the students work on creating their own crime scene for investigation. This included producing a real police report, taking photographs of the various crime scenes, ensuring that the measurements of all evidence were recorded, and creating a photo composite of the suspected criminal.
Here is a sample portfolio of a student’s work.
All in all, the course has proved to be extremely hands on and educational.