Pear Tree Education website now online!

Paul Romani

Pear Tree directorsWelcome to the new website for our new company, Pear Tree Education Inc!!
I hope you are as excited as we are about this great opportunity for children in the Kitsilano community. Your children will be the first in Vancouver to experience Education 3.0: a 21st century learning method that encompasses all of the requirements for a happy, prosperous and productive future.
This website has been specifically designed to explain our services in a way that everyone can understand, from our version of Education 3.0 to the range of services on offer. We have an extensive FAQ section, which should be able to answer most of your questions.
Nevertheless, we want to hear from you! This site encourages interaction. In fact, even this blog will be used by students to post news, information, and their own classwork.
Feedback is extremely important to us. Therefore, if there is anything that is not on the website that you feel is important, please let us know either by emailing us or by commenting on this blog post.
We look forward to working with the Kitsilano community to bring about educational change.
Warm regards,
Paul Romani & Alexis Birner Pear Tree Education Directors