EXPLAINED: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Course

Paul Romani

Explaining Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Course

Pear Tree Education A.I. course

Pear Tree Education A.I. course

Pear Tree’s ‘A.I.’ course for 10-14 year olds is a tough course to explain. This partly because it’s very holistic! It’s also because of how common robotics courses have become in Vancouver camps.

Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence course isn’t really a robotics course and is very different the courses people are familiar with.
In Pear Tree’s ‘A.I.’ course, we look at the mind and physical properties of an independent-thinking, man-made life form.
We learn about algorithms and recognising patterns in actions and processes, which we do through physical role play and using computer software called Lightbot.
Light Bot 2.0Algorithms
We do a lot of problem solving, too!
We look at functions of artificial life forms in human society.
We use short stories, including ‘Super Toys Last All Summer’, which inspired the actual ‘A.I. (2001)’ Spielberg movie, and Pinocchio to consider the morals and ethics of using a life form to serve human needs.
We develop our own short stories, movies, art/design, and public speaking projects.
Can 10-14 year olds really learn about all of this? In Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence course, they can!
Pear Tree Education A.I. course