Pear Tree Education offers a variety of options for exam preparation based on the age and ability of your child

Cambridge ESOL Exams

Currently, the most prominent range of ESL exams for children are provided by the University of Cambridge.
Pear Tree Education provides 6 options for Cambridge exam preparation courses:

  • Cambridge YLE (7-12 yrs)
  • Cambridge KET (pre-intermediate)
  • Cambridge PET (intermediate)
  • Cambridge FCE (upper intermediate)
  • Cambridge CAE (advanced)
  • Cambridge CPE (proficiency)

The first three (YLE, KET, PET) are the most appropriate for children up to the age of 15.

FCE, CAE, and CPE are more suitable for older teenagers aged 15+ due to the more mature content of the material.

The price options for Cambridge exam preparation are shown at the bottom of this page.


A new TOEFL exam called TOEFL Junior has recently been released for younger ESL learners.

Unlike the Cambridge exams, TOEFL only has a single exam which measures any student’s English level. As such, the content of the exams is suitable for children aged 11-15.

The price options for TOEFL Junior exam preparation are shown below.

Cambridge/TOEFL Junior Exam Preparation Price Options

1 class per week (1.5 hours per class)
주 1회 수업 (1회 1.5시간 수업)
Monthly Price: $240 + GST
月费:$300+ GST
월수업료: $300 + GST

2 classes per week (1.5 hours per class)
주 2회 수업 (1회 1.5시간 수업)
Monthly Price: $460 + GST
月费:$480 + GST
월수업료: $480 + GST

Class times

4.30-6pm Mon, Fri, or Sat (10.30am-12pm)