ESL Camps North Vancouver 2024

Our North Vancouver ESL camps are in an amazing location!

CAMPUS ADDRESS: St. Agnes Church, 530 12th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2K4

We are situated close to Ray Perrault Park.

CAMP TIMES: 9am – 3pm (options to extend these times using our optional pre-camp and/or after-camp supervision services.

Register from 1 to 5 weeks.


  • Week 1: July 2nd - 5th (4-day week)

    Nature Explorers (Ages 7-9)

    Are you ready to become a Nature Explorer? This summer, we invite children aged 7 to 9 to embark on a journey through the beautiful natural landscapes of North Vancouver. Our Nature Explorers ESL Camp combines fun, adventure, and learning into a memorable experience that will not only improve your English but also connect you deeply with the environment.

    Our Days Together Include:

    • Morning Activities: Start with learning new words and ideas about nature. We’ll talk, draw, and play games to understand what makes each place special.
    • Afternoon Adventures: Put on your explorer’s hat! Depending on your location choice, we’ll go on field trips to forests, parks, wetlands, mountains, and more. See, touch, and live the day’s lessons.
    • Story and Craft Time: Listen to stories about nature and use your creativity to make art inspired by our daily adventures.

    Join the Nature Explorers camp and turn your summer into an unforgettable adventure of learning and discovery!


    Food Glorious Food (Ages 10-14)

    Join us for a week-long journey through tastes, cultures, and culinary skills, all set in North Vancouver. Our “Food Glorious Food” camp is specially cooked up for 10 to 14-year-olds eager to explore the delicious world of cooking while enhancing their English skills with food-related language. 

    Our Days Together Include:

    • Morning English & Cooking Classes: Each day begins with language learning related to this course followed by a fun cooking class where we’ll learn new recipes.
    • Afternoon Field Trips: Put on your chef’s hat and explore! From local bakeries to markets and farms, discover the sources of our ingredients and the stories behind our meals.
    • Late Afternoon: At the end of each day, we’ll do more language-related activities, as well as some other fun activities that enhance your child’s memories of the week.

    Join the Food Glorious Food camp and turn your summer into an unforgettable culinary journey of learning and discovery!



  • Week 2: July 8th - 12th

    It’s A Small World (Ages 7-9)

    Our It’s A Small World camp is a vibrant journey for young learners aged 7 to 9, combining English language learning with a magical exploration of different cultures from around the world. Each day, we’ll embark on a new adventure to a different country, discovering its traditions and cuisine right here in North Vancouver!

    Your Passport to Adventure Includes:

    • Day 1: Mexico – Dive into the colorful world of Mexico! Learn about its culture and delicious foods like guacamole. Say “Hola” to new words and tasty treats.
    • Day 2: India – Experience the vibrant culture of India. From making refreshing mango lassi to exploring the festive celebration of Diwali, you’ll get a taste of India’s rich heritage.
    • Day 3: China – Journey to the ancient land of China. Try your hand at making spring rolls, and learn about traditional games that children in China enjoy.
    • Day 4: Japan – Discover the serene beauty of Japan. Create sushi rice balls, learn about the significance of Koinobori flags, and dive into the world of origami.
    • Day 5: Germany – Explore the traditions of Germany. Bake delicious pretzels and immerse yourself in the tale of Hansel and Gretel, learning about the stories that have been told for generations.

    Our It’s A Small World camp is perfect for young learners eager to explore the world and improve their English in a fun, supportive environment. No matter where you’re from, you’ll find something new and exciting to discover each day.



    Animal Planet (Ages 10-14)

    This summer, let’s dive into the exciting world of animals and nature! Our Animal Planet Camp is specially designed for young learners aged 10 to 14 who are eager to improve their English while exploring the incredible wildlife and natural habitats of North Vancouver. From the mystery of marine life to the wonders of local farmlands, each day is a new adventure!

    Our Days Together Include:

    • Morning Discovery: Each day starts with fun activities that introduce your child to new English words and ideas about animals and nature. Through games, stories, and creative projects, you’ll learn without even realizing it!
    • Afternoon Adventures: Get ready to explore! We’ll go on field trips to places like the Vancouver Aquarium, local parks, and more. See firsthand the animals and habitats we’ve talked about.
    • Creative Time: Draw, craft, and express what you’ve learned. Share your adventures with new friends as you practice your English in a supportive environment.

    Dive into the Animal Planet camp and turn your summer into an extraordinary exploration of learning and discovery!


  • Week 3: July 15th - 19th

    Our Community (Ages 7-9)

    Welcome to Pear Tree’s “Our Community” camp, designed specifically for young learners aged 7 to 9! This special week is all about exploring the wonderful world around us, understanding what makes a community, and how we can contribute to making it even better. Through fun activities, field trips, and creative projects, campers will improve their English skills while discovering the joys of community living.

    What Awaits You?

    • Day 1: Introduction to Our Community: What is a community? Let’s talk, draw, and explore the different communities we’re part of. We’ll even create a map of our local area!
    • Day 2: People in Our Community: Meet the heroes who help us every day! From firefighters to teachers, let’s learn about their jobs and say a big thank you on our visit to a local fire station.
    • Day 3: Community Landmarks: What makes our community special? We’ll discover important buildings and places, then take a trip to see some of them up close.
    • Day 4: Community Events and Traditions: Celebrate the events that bring us together! We’ll learn about festivals, create event posters, and share our own traditions.
    • Day 5: Making Our Community Better: It’s time to dream big! We’ll brainstorm ideas on how to improve our community, design a project, and present our plans to make a difference.

    Why Join Our Community Camp?

    • Language Practice: Use English in practical situations, enhancing your speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in a supportive environment.
    • Discover the Community: Find out what makes this community special and how you can be an active part of it.

    Our “Our Community” camp is perfect for young learners looking to practice English in a fun, interactive setting. Whether you’re discovering local landmarks, meeting community helpers, or planning how to make our community even better, you’re sure to have an unforgettable week.



    My City: North Vancouver (Ages 10-14)

    Our My City camp is a thrilling week-long adventure designed for young learners aged 10 to 14, combining English language learning with an exciting exploration of North Vancouver. Dive into the essence of what makes a city unique—from its natural landscapes to its rich cultural tapestry and vibrant urban life. Join us to experience, learn, and share the wonders of North Vancouver.

    Your Exploration Path:

    • Day 1: The Natural Beauty of North Vancouver: Start your journey with a close look at North Vancouver’s stunning natural surroundings. Learn about the geography that shapes our city.
    • Day 2: Indigenous Heritage: Delve into the rich cultural roots of North Vancouver, understanding the significance of Indigenous peoples and their heritage in shaping our community.
    • Day 3: Urban Life: Discover the bustling urban environment of North Vancouver. From high-rise buildings to the streets, learn about city life and the diversity it harbors.
    • Day 4: Culinary Diversity: Taste the world without leaving the city! Explore North Vancouver’s diverse food scene and learn how culinary traditions from around the globe contribute to our local culture.
    • Day 5: Arts & Culture: Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts and culture scene of North Vancouver. Experience the creativity that fills the city, from public art to cultural institutions.

    Why Join My City ESL Camp?

    • Dynamic Learning Sessions: Each morning, engage in interactive lessons focusing on different aspects of North Vancouver, enhancing your English vocabulary and conversational skills.
    • Field Trips: Step out and explore! Visit key landmarks, natural sites, and cultural hubs, making real-life connections with the day’s lessons.
    • Cultural Immersion: Gain a deeper understanding of North Vancouver’s diversity, history, and cultural richness.

    Our My City ESL camp is the perfect summer destination for young learners eager to improve their English while fully immersing themselves in the life of North Vancouver. Whether you’re new to the city or want to discover more about your hometown, this camp offers a fresh, exciting perspective.


  • Week 4: July 22nd - 26th

    Transportation (7-9)

    Welcome to our “Transportation Adventures” camp! Designed for young explorers aged 7 to 9, this camp is all about diving into the exciting world of transportation in Vancouver and North Vancouver. From the wheels on the road to the boats in the water, and even the planes in the sky, we’ll discover all the ways people move around our beautiful city. Plus, we’ll imagine the future of travel together. Join us for a journey filled with learning, creativity, and adventure, all while improving your English!

    What’s the Plan?

    • Day 1: On the Road: Start our adventure with a look at land transportation. Cars, buses, and bikes – learn how we travel on land and practice talking about your favorite ways to move.
    • Day 2: Sailing the Seas: Ahoy! Discover how boats and ferries are essential in Vancouver, connecting us across the water. We might even get to see some boats up close!
    • Day 3: Public Transport Fun: Zoom around the city as we explore buses, SkyTrains, and SeaBuses. Learn how to navigate the city like a pro and create your own transit adventure map.
    • Day 4: Soaring High: Look up! We’ll learn about air transportation, focusing on seaplanes and helicopters that soar above Vancouver. A special visit will give us a glimpse into the world above.
    • Day 5: Future Journeys: Let your imagination take flight as we dream about the future of transportation. From electric cars to flying vehicles, design your own transportation solution for tomorrow’s Vancouver.

    Our “Transportation Adventures” camp is the perfect summer destination for young learners looking to practice English in an engaging, interactive setting. Whether you’re crafting your own boat or imagining the future of cars, this camp promises a week filled with discovery and learning.



    Urban Design (Ages 10-14)

    Welcome to the Urban Design ESL Camp, a unique summer adventure where 10 to 14-year-olds can learn English while diving into the fascinating world of city design. Set against the backdrop of vibrant Vancouver, this camp offers a hands-on approach to understanding what makes a city tick, from its green spaces and transportation networks to community hubs and innovative urban projects.

    What Will You Discover?

    • Day 1: What Makes a City? Learn about the building blocks of urban design. Discover the roles of buildings, streets, and public spaces in creating vibrant cities.
    • Day 2: Green Spaces and Sustainability: Explore the importance of parks, gardens, and sustainable practices in urban environments.
    • Day 3: Transportation and Infrastructure: Understand how people move around in cities and the significance of roads, bridges, and public transit.
    • Day 4: Community and Public Spaces: Investigate how public spaces like squares, markets, and playgrounds bring communities together.
    • Day 5: Urban Design Projects: Put your knowledge to the test by designing your own urban environment, focusing on making cities better for everyone.

    Why Join Urban Design ESL Camp?

    • Language Skills in Action: Improve your English through exciting topics and real-life conversations.
    • Field Trips: Experience the real world of urban design with visits to local sites, from bustling markets to serene parks.

    Join the Urban Design ESL camp and turn your summer into an exploration of creativity, community, and construction!


  • Week 5: July 29th - August 2nd

    Story World (Ages 7-9)

    Join us at “Story World” camp, where every day brings a new story to life! Designed for young learners aged 7 to 9, this camp combines the joy of storytelling with fun English language learning. From fairy tales to mysterious adventures, campers will explore different worlds, meet fascinating characters, and unleash their creativity through words and pictures.

    What’s Your Story?

    • Day 1: Fairy Tales: Enter a world of magic and morals. Read classic tales, act them out, and even create your own fairy tale.
    • Day 2: Historical Fiction: Travel back in time through stories of young heroes. Learn about history from a child’s perspective, and imagine your own historical adventure.
    • Day 3: Fantasy: Discover magical lands, dragons, and wizards. Mix potions, design your fantasy world, and learn the language of magic.
    • Day 4: Myths and Legends: Uncover ancient myths and legends. Become a legendary hero for the day, and invent your mythical creature.
    • Day 5: Mystery: Become a detective in thrilling mystery stories. Solve puzzles, find clues, and write your own mystery tale.

    Why Join Story World Camp?

    • Reading and Writing Development: Improve your English through stories, expanding your vocabulary, and practicing in fun, interactive ways.
    • Reading Engagement: The English language offers some of the most diverse range of reading opportunities for children. Our Story World camps inspires students to take an interest in reading English books.
    • Outdoor Adventures: Whether through field trips or getting inspiration from local destinations, outdoor time is built into each day’s learning.

    Our “Story World” camp is perfect for young learners eager to practice English and dive into the wonderful world of stories. Whether you’re crafting your fairy tale, solving a mystery, or designing a magical world, you’re sure to have an unforgettable summer.



    Acting Studio (Ages 10-14)

    Welcome to Acting Studios Camp! This special week is designed for young learners aged 10-14 who love acting and want to improve their English in a fun, creative way. Every day, we explore different aspects of acting, from expressing emotions to performing in front of an audience. No previous acting experience is needed, just a willingness to participate and have fun!

    Daily Themes:

    • Introduction to Acting: Start with drama games to learn basic English phrases and vocabulary. Then, express emotions in English and practice with simple scripts.
    • Building Confidence with English Dialogue: Focus on pronunciation and creating dialogues. End the day by presenting your dialogues to the class.
    • Understanding Characters and Storytelling: Create your own characters and add to a group story. Learn new vocabulary related to storytelling.
    • Preparing for a Simple Performance: Rehearse a scripted role-play, add elements like props, and receive feedback from peers.
    • Performance Day: Rehearse one last time before giving a final performance to show off what you’ve learned.

    Why Join Acting Studios?

    • Boost Your English: Improve your language confidence and fluency in a unique, supportive environment.
    • Explore Your Creativity: Discover new ways to express yourself through acting.

    No matter your skill level, Acting Studios Camp is a great place to be bold, make friends, and use English in exciting new ways. We can’t wait to see you shine on the stage!


Video Tutorial

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Parent Testimonials


I just wanted to take a moment to send in some positive feedback to you and the Pear Tree team. My husband and I are very impressed with all the things he has learned so far at Pear Tree. I am a teacher, and I think the Pear Tree summer camp program was a wonderfully educational experience for my son.

We registered our son in every single week of this summer program. Every day, he came back with some amazing things!! I have told a lot of friends about your program! Nothing but praise.


My daughter has been really enjoying your camp! I am so impressed by how much she’s learned and how much fun she’s having. Big Kudos to your team for creating such fun and informative camps!


I believe my daughter benefited a lot from attending the camps so a big thank you is in order for all the staff at Pear Tree.


I felt wonderful reading about Pear Tree and the 21st century educational methods of helping students to learn. I’m impressed by your teaching skills and creativity. It’s amazing. I loved watching your videos on YouTube and showed it to my school staff. They to were impressed with your educational ideas to enhance learning.
Good job. Hats off to you and your team.


I am very impressed by your program. My son loves going to your camps and has a craving to learn more. I believe he is proud of what he learns with you and feels good about himself. This has not really been his experience at school.


Pear Tree is awesome!!!


Just want to let you know that my daughter has come home every day completely excited about her experiences at Pear Tree. She is absolutely loving the program! What more can we ask for?


It was a great experience for my daughter. Now she is asking me if she can go back to Pear Tree this summer ???? Thanks everyone.


My son and daughter had a great time at camp last week. As a parent I was also thrilled with how happy and stimulated they both seemed after. They were proud of their work and I had the sense that the camp allowed them to stretch their creative muscles a little. Please pass on my enthusiastic and positive feedback to your teachers and to Alexis.


My daughters have both been raving about Pear Tree’s camps — which is really saying something, believe me — I usually get a lot of “I don’t want to go”s when they’re signed up for camps!