Critical Literacy: Using Picture Books to Read The World

Paul Romani

On April 28th, Alexis and Lindsay presented their Masters of Education graduate paper, about Critical Literacy: Using Picture Books to Read The World, at UBC.

Alexis and Lindsay (both Vancouver elementary school teachers) discuss the nature of true picture books (or ‘picturebooks’), and how these books can be used for critical literacy practice in elementary school classrooms to develop critical thinking skills among young children.
Among the books discussed, Alexis and Lindsay talk about ‘The Rabbits’ and ‘10,000 Dresses’, and how they have each used these books to address specific needs among their students.
Alexis is both an elementary school teacher for a private girls school, as well as being the co-owner of Pear Tree.
Lindsay is an elementary school teacher at a public school in Vancouver.
In October, Alexis and Lindsay will be presenting at the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable, alongside famous B.C. writer, Kenneth Oppel!