Crisis of Imagination and Innovation

Paul Romani

Apple 4S vs 5S - What's the difference?!If you’ve been following the news of the upcoming iPhone 5S and 5C releases, you’ll be aware of how uninspiring Apple Computers has become.

Since the passing of former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, Apple has stood still. They are paralyzed due to a lack of ideas, imagination/innovation… or one could assume that its a fear of share prices dropping. Either way, Steve Jobs exemplifies how rare imagination and courage are as a combination in the business world.
Pear Tree Education provides kids with an education beyond anything they’d ever receive in a school – public or private. This is because Pear Tree is fully conscious of the local and global and how that relates to education; after all, the two should go hand in hand.
We harness and develop kids’ imaginations. What is more, we embrace making mistakes. Learning by making mistakes ensures that kids never lose their willingness to take risks, unlike Apple circa 2013.
Therefore, when it comes to innovation for kids, think Pear not Apple!