COVID-19 update

Paul Romani

Pear Tree has been closely monitoring the health advisory updates on these websites:
Of particular relevance to Pear Tree is this website:
Pear Tree is fortunate to be a very small environment, where we can closely monitor all of the students. Families and staff have been extremely respectful of staying home if or when they are sick, or think they may be sick. Teaching staff at Pear Tree have been instructed on how to approach hygiene and handwashing.
Additionally, Cameron, who looks after cleaning the facilities, was given specific instructions on extra cleaning to be done daily.We are being particularly vigilant with the following:
  • educating the children on proper handwashing and general hygiene
  • monitoring the students when they wash their hands (specifically that they are washing their hands properly with soap, and long enough)
  • requiring more frequent hand-washing than normal
  • monitoring any time students put their hands near their eyes, nose or mouth and immediately asking them to wash their hands
  • reminding students to cough or sneeze into their elbow
  • sending any child home that is sick or appear to be sick
  • equipping each classroom with bleach solution spray bottles, Lysol wipes, and hand sanitizer
While we remain open for our spring camps, it is ultimately at your discretion to send your child to Pear Tree. If you have any concerns for their welfare and health, please keep them at home.
If you have been abroad, or in close contact with people who have been abroad, we ask that you do not come into Pear Tree.