Coraline book review by Maia

Paul Romani

The book Coraline is written from the point of view of the author Neil Gaiman, so you get to know exactly what’s happening from almost all the different perspectives of the characters. From Coraline’s point of view, she entered a house that was very similar to her own(only better, better toys from what she thought) this house was atached to her house but in the other house were her parents only different they had buttons for eyes!!! Her other parents wanted to keep her as their own daughter, but she did not want to stay with them. She wanted to go back to her own home with her wom parents. BUT THEY WANTER HER TO STAY FOR EVER!!
From the other mother’s point of view( not her real mother) I think that she just wanted someone to love and to care for, although she was being very rude and scary and would not let Coraline go.
I really liked this book because it was very suspensefull and there was always something going on. My favourite part was when she opened the door from her other house ( the fake one ) and entered her real house thinking that everything was going to be alright and that her real parents would be okay, but when she opened the door and got into her real house no one was there. Her other mother had taken the souls of her parents and the other children whom she had tried to keep captive, and the five of them had all became ghosts.The only way to birng them all back to life is to find their souls. She later made a game with her other mother, these were the rules, if Coraline found the five souls then the other mother would let them all go, if Coraline did not find the souls then she had to stay with her other parents and be a helpfull daughter, and they would live happily ever after.
Finally, Coraline had found all the souls, but not without the help of her trusworthy black cat !! All of them got out and were safe from the other parents. After she and her parents got back, she was the only one that could remeber that they had been gone for two whole days. At the end of the story she dropped the key to the door that opened to the other house into the well so no one would ever see it again and no one could open the door. Then they all lived happily ever after