Choices Food Market Field Trip

Paul Romani

Today, we went to choice food market.
At there,we tasted different berries and vegetables,and we learned a lot of healty foods. The dietician gave us a mystery drinks to try,and we need to guess what the ingrediants are in the drinks. The drink tasted a little sour and sweet, but we all drank two cups, and the dietician told us the drink is called Kombucha juice.
Next, the dietician let us try a pudding that just like tapioca balls like you find in bubble tea. It felt stiky to our mouth, it tasted like tapioca balls with milk tea. We both like this kind of pudding just same as the normal puddings.
After we finished the pudding,the dietician told us the name of the pudding is called Chia seed puddings.
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By: Lulu, Passion