American Born Chinese review by Ella

Paul Romani

American Born Chinese
Name, Ella
This book is divided into three parts. The three parts are of three different characters. In each part it explains a story. For all three parts it is written by point of view of the main character in that section.
The first part is about an immortal monkey. He is the king if his land and has mastered thousands of minor disciplines of Kung-Fu. One day the king monkey smelled a party and immediately went there. Once he got there he was told that because of his bare feet, he was not allowed into the party. After that he made all monkeys in his kingdom wear shoes at all times.
In the second part It is a story about a boy, who is American Born Chinese* and it is his story of moving from San Francisco, to a new neighborhood and going to school there. When he makes his first friend it’s starting to get better but when he starts dating some jealously starts to take over. But when he starts to fall in love with an all-American girl…
The third part of the story is about another boy but this time he’s the most popular guy in school! Danny is on the all-star basketball team and has made lots of friends. But around this time every year his cousin from china comes to visit and that’s when everything goes crazy and he’s forced to switch schools again!
In the end of American Born Chinese* all three novella’s come together in one story. Jin wishes to be an all-American boy and when he wakes up he feels different. He decides to call himself Danny. When he goes to school he fights his crazy cousin and turns out that the crazy cousin was the king monkey all along!!! The monkey explains that he’s been watching over him by pretending to be Wei-Chen his best friend! Them he explained how he started with his son acting out the son but then the son resigned. So king monkey decided to take over.
At the end of the book Jin reunites with the monkey King’s real son and they talk and laugh like old friends. J
I thought that this book was a really good book. It has three alternative stories and it brings them together.