A Wrinkle In Time By kyle

Paul Romani

A Wrinkle In Time
Theme:meg finding her father and beliving in who she is
By: Madeleine L’engle
Adapted and Illustrated By: Hope Larson
Meg Murry is a girl who lives with a boy named Charles. Meg and Charles are very smart in their own way. Charles has an ability to see into someones mind. Meg’s father was a scientest working for the government he tought her many things however she is in a way ahead of her class but due to her stubborness she is called a “deliquent”. Meg’s father disssapers and meg is told by her mother that her father is not coming home. Meg, Charles a athlete boy named Calvin and three misterious old women search for Meg’s father while saving the earth. Meg’s father’s dissaperence has something to do with a tesseract. The tesseract allows transportation through space and time. Impossible right? But in the story it’s possible. Meg and her friends are thrown through the tessreact unexpectedly and must find her father and battle a great darkness. Litterally!
I like the art work of the book. I enjoy the choice of colour because the book is blue white and black. I find it better than just plain black and white. I also enjoy the format of the book. The book is thick but it still takes awhile to read even though it is just a comic. The pictures and panels are also interesting because some pages are normal with lots of writing but then suddenly there is just one big picture covering two pages which is cool. It really catches your attention. I also enjoy the plot because I find space and time travel really cool. I also enjoy how some of the book is real and like the problems could happen like how meg is smarter then others think yet she is still teased. But some of it is fake but yet still fits the story some how and it just makes the book good how real stuff and fantasy is blended together. I havent finished the book yet but it is so good and it will probably get better. So far out of what I have read the book is really good! 🙂