Pro-D Day Camps Vancouver (10-14)

If you’re looking for something fun and stimulating for your 10-14 year old to participate in on Pro-D days, look no further than Pear Tree’s Pro-D camps!

Here are the scheduled dates until May 2024. Each camp runs from 9am – 3pm. Course information is below (or click on dates for more info).

  • photography camps vancouver summer camps vancouver
  • Molecular Gastronomy
  • toy-inventors
  • photography camps vancouver
  • Molecular Gastronomy
  • toy-inventors
  • summer camps vancouver

Pear Tree’s masters-qualified directors design all of our Pro-D day camps.

Led by experienced Vancouver school teachers, our Pro-D camps offer exceptional levels of safety, enjoyment and education!

At $130 per camp, you won’t find a better value for money Pro-D education camp anywhere else in Vancouver!

We also offer two additional services including a Hot Lunch program ($30) and pre-camp/after-camp care ($30 combo).

CAMPUS ADDRESS: Pear Tree Education, Suite 215 – 2678 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V6K 2G3.

Pear Tree’s Pro-D Camp (10-14) brochure

  • Friday, 22nd Sept, 2023

    Photo(shop) (Ages 10-14)

    Discover the World of Photography: Capture, Create, and Amaze!

    Unleash your creativity and embark on an unforgettable journey into the captivating realm of photography! Pear Tree Education proudly presents our Photo(shop) day camp, an action-packed adventure designed for budding photographers aged 10-14 years old.

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the art of photography as you master essential techniques and unlock the power of image enhancement with the Adobe Photoshop Express app. Our teacher will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience that will leave you with lifelong skills and memories.

    Highlights of the Camp:

    Discover the Magic: Dive headfirst into the world of photography as we unravel the secrets behind breathtaking images. Learn the art of composition, play with lighting, and explore various photography genres, from beautiful landscapes to captivating portraits.

    Outdoor Exploration: Step outside into the picturesque surroundings of our location and witness the beauty of Vancouver that lies within the lens. Capture the essence of nature, document intriguing textures, and seize the perfect moment as you practice your newfound photography techniques.

    Indoor Adventure: Venture into indoor spaces that hold hidden wonders waiting to be captured. Unleash your imagination and experiment with perspectives, angles, and the unique architectural features of our Kitsilano location. Every corner becomes a canvas for your creativity.

    Adobe Photoshop Express: Dive into the world of digital editing using the Adobe Photoshop Express app. Unleash your images’ full potential as you crop, adjust brightness and contrast, and apply artistic filters to bring your vision to life. Watch your photos transform from ordinary to extraordinary!

    Creative Expression: Photography is an art form that allows you to express your unique perspective. Through hands-on activities and individualized guidance, explore your own creative voice and develop a portfolio that showcases your artistic growth and personal style.

    Share the Magic: Experience the thrill of showcasing your stunning creations. Join in engaging group discussions, share your edited masterpieces, and receive feedback from your fellow campers and teacher. Witness firsthand the power of photography to connect and inspire.

    Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to embark on a photographic odyssey like no other! Enroll now in Pear Tree Education’s Photo(shop) day camp, and unlock the extraordinary potential that lies within every click of the shutter.

    Please note: You will need to bring your own photographic device, e.g. DSLR camera, point-and-click camera, or digital device (such as a smartphone or iPad).

    Optional extras for this camp include the healthy hot lunch program, and before and/or after camp care.


    photography camps vancouver

  • Friday, 20th Oct, 2023

    Molecular Gastronomy (Ages 10-14)

    Embark on a Gastronomic Journey!

    Calling all young culinary and science enthusiasts aged 10-14! Get ready for an extraordinary adventure in the realm of Molecular Gastronomy at Pear Tree Education’s exclusive day camp. Prepare to explore a world of innovative flavors, textures, and presentations that will engage you in cooking, chemistry, and art!

    Unveiling the Magic: From Starter to Dessert

    Activity 1: Caprese Bites with Balsamic Pearls & Vinaigrette

    Begin your culinary expedition with a delightful twist on the classic Caprese salad! Dive into the art of spherification as you create balsamic pearls that resemble caviar. Then, craft a luscious balsamic vinaigrette using molecular emulsification techniques. Elevate your Caprese Bites to a masterpiece that will tantalize your taste buds!

    Activity 2: Grilled Chicken (or Tofu) and Vegetables with Mango & Chipotle Flavour Pearls & Foam

    Ignite your creativity as you discover the magic of foams! Prepare a scrumptious main course with perfectly grilled chicken or tofu, enhanced with Mango & Chipotle Flavour Pearls that will surprise and delight. But that’s not all – unleash your inner culinary scientist and master the art of foam creation to elevate your dish to new heights!

    Activity 3: Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie

    Prepare to be amazed by a molecular gastronomy masterpiece! Experience the magic of deconstruction as you recreate the iconic Lemon Meringue Pie in a whole new way. Craft Lemon Curd Spheres that burst with tangy lemon flavor, whip up ethereal Meringue Clouds, and create a sable crumb soil for a delightful twist on the classic. This dessert will leave you in awe!

    Secure Your Spot Today!

    Spaces are limited for this extraordinary culinary experience. Don’t miss the chance to amaze your taste buds and dazzle your loved ones with your newfound culinary prowess. Enroll now and immerse yourself in the world of Molecular Gastronomy at Pear Tree Education’s day camp!

    Participation in our Healthy Hot Lunch Program is mandatory and is included in the course price.

    Optional extras include before and/or after camp care.


    IMPORTANT: Our instructor is a qualified school teacher, not a chef. The activities are designed to be educational and intellectually stimulating, not just about cooking. All activities will be done within a (safe, controlled) classroom environment, not in a kitchen – something we have managed to do with all age groups successfully since 2012. The recipes we will be following are ones that are accessible and achievable in a non-specialized environment.

    If you are looking for a course with a professional culinary instructor and/or kitchen environment, we recommend you consider other organizations.

    Molecular Gastronomy

    N.B. The image shown is from a previous course, and does not represent the recipes for this specific version of our Molecular Gastronomy course.

  • Friday, 24th Nov, 2023

    CSI Detectives (Ages 10-14)

    Uncover the Mystery!

    Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure as a real-life CSI detective? Step into the shoes of forensic experts and embark on a day filled with intrigue, mystery, and problem-solving at Pear Tree Education’s CSI Detectives day camp!

    Unleash the Detective Within:
    Join us for an action-packed day as we dive headfirst into the captivating world of crime scene investigation. Suitable for young sleuths aged 10-14, this one-day camp will ignite your curiosity and challenge your analytical skills.

    Investigate the Crime Scene:
    Become a master investigator as you step into a meticulously staged mock crime scene. Learn the crucial techniques of evidence collection, from dusting for fingerprints to preserving critical clues. Will you be able to piece together the puzzle and unlock the secrets that lie within?

    Crack Codes and Follow Clues:
    Venture outdoors to tackle a thrilling scavenger hunt where hidden clues and encrypted messages await your deciphering skills. Are you up for the challenge of cracking complex codes and solving intricate puzzles? Only the sharpest minds will emerge victorious in this exhilarating code-breaking adventure.

    Fingerprint Analysis and Suspect Profiling:
    Unlock the secrets of fingerprints and delve into the art of suspect profiling. Unearth the uniqueness of each fingerprint and how it plays a crucial role in solving crimes. Develop your ability to create suspect profiles based on collected evidence, and discover how to identify potential culprits.

    The Grand Finale – Solve the Mystery:
    As the day unfolds, you and your fellow investigators will work collaboratively to analyze the evidence, pool your findings, and solve the gripping mystery that unfolds before you. Put your newfound knowledge and teamwork skills to the ultimate test, and unlock the truth in this adrenaline-pumping conclusion.

    A Rewarding Experience:
    At the end of this enthralling day, all camp participants will receive certificates of completion, recognizing their outstanding detective work. Prepare to impress your friends and family with your newfound detective skills!

    Join the Adventure:
    Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to become a bona fide CSI detective for a day! Our CSI Detectives day camp is a perfect blend of excitement, hands-on learning, and unforgettable memories. Enroll now, and let your inner investigator shine at Pear Tree Education’s CSI Detectives day camp!

    Optional extras for this camp include the healthy hot lunch as well as before and after camp care.


    Summer Camps Vancouver

  • Friday, 17th Feb, 2023

    Flight (Ages 10-14)

    Calling all young aviators and engineering enthusiasts!

    Do you dream of soaring through the skies like a majestic bird or piloting your very own aircraft? Welcome to Flight Camp, where the magic of flight becomes a reality!

    In this thrilling one-day adventure, budding aviators aged 10-14 will embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of flight and unlock the mysteries of aerodynamics. Guided by our instructors, campers will dive into the fascinating world of aviation, igniting their passion for science, engineering, and creativity!

    What Awaits You
    Unravel the principles of flight and discover the forces that keep airplanes soaring high. Lift off into the captivating realm of aeronautics!

    Design Epic Paper Airplanes
    Engineer your very own fleet of paper airplanes! Experiment with cutting-edge designs, daring loops, and record-breaking distances. Challenge your friends to epic airborne battles!

    Flight Performance Challenge
    Test your skills in thrilling flight competitions! Dare to push the limits of your paper creations and achieve ultimate performance. How far will your engineering prowess take you?

    Craft Balsa Wood Gliders
    Take flight engineering to new heights as you construct sleek balsa wood gliders. Craft them with precision, unleash their potential, and let them soar like real aircraft!

    Why Choose Flight Camp?
    At Pear Tree Education’s Flight day camp, we go beyond the ordinary to inspire a love for learning and a passion for aviation. Our captivating curriculum combines education with hands-on fun, empowering young minds to reach for the skies and beyond!

    Optional extras for this camp include the healthy hot lunch as well as before and after camp care.


    summer camps vancouver

  • Monday, 24th Apr, 2023

    Sports Science (Ages 10-14) – CANCELLED

    Join the Adventure at our Sports Science Extravaganza!

    Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey that combines the excitement of sports, the wonders of science, the joy of fitness, and the tastiness of healthy concoctions? Look no further! Pear Tree Education presents the ultimate Sports Science day camp designed exclusively for adventurous young minds aged 10 to 14!

    Unleash the Power of Sports Science
    Discover the secret behind sports champions and athletes at our action-packed Sports Science day camp! Engage in a series of thrilling activities that will unlock the science behind enhanced athletic performance. From agility drills to vertical jumps, participants will explore the essential elements that fuel top-notch sports achievements.

    Fuel Your Body with Nutritional Wisdom
    Elevate your game with a deeper understanding of the science of nutrition. Learn the importance of a balanced diet to support your sports endeavors. Dive into the world of nutrient groups and how they provide the much-needed energy to excel in any sport you love.

    Conquer the Fitness Circuit Challenge
    Step up your fitness game with a dynamic and exhilarating fitness circuit training session! Experience the thrill of conquering each station, targeting different muscle groups, and enhancing your overall physical strength. Push your boundaries, and unleash your inner athlete in this high-energy challenge!

    Hydration Celebration – Make Your Own Health Drink!
    Let your creativity flow as you concoct your very own health drink! Discover the power of staying hydrated during intense activities and design your perfect blend of fruity goodness and natural electrolytes. A refreshing treat awaits as you celebrate the importance of healthy hydration.

    Why Choose Our Sports Science Day Camp?

    • High-Quality Teacher: Our passionate instructors, well-versed in sports science and education, will mentor and inspire young learners throughout the adventure.
    • All-in-One Experience: No need to choose between sports, science, fitness, or nutrition. Our camp offers it all, ensuring an unforgettable, comprehensive experience for every participant.
    • Engaging and Fun: Say goodbye to dull summer days! Our Sports Science day camp is packed with thrilling activities, team challenges, and laughter-filled moments.
    • Safe and Inclusive: Safety is our top priority. We provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and enjoy their journey to becoming a sports science enthusiast.

    Are You Ready to Ignite the Sports Science Spark Within?
    Mark your calendars and secure your spot for our Sports Science Extravaganza! Unravel the mysteries of sports, science, fitness, and health drinks in an action-packed day of adventure and learning. Limited spaces available – so don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable experience!

    Join us at Pear Tree Education’s Sports Science day camp, where education meets excitement, and sports science becomes an adventure of a lifetime!

    Participation in our Healthy Hot Lunch Program is mandatory and is included in the course price.

    Optional extras include before and/or after camp care.


Pro-D Day Camp Vancouver (10-14) Price

Additional Options

Pear Tree’s Healthy Hot Lunch Program

Why not take advantage of Pear Tree’s Hot Lunch Program? For just $30, your tween will receive a healthy combination of a hot meal with veggies, and a morning and afternoon snack!

Our menu is approved by a certified nutritionist, and is prepared by our in-house chef.

Sample Menu

Summer Camps Vancouver

Pear Tree Pro-D Day Camp Highlights

  • 16 x students per Pro-D camp (maximum)

  • 1 x school teacher per class

  • Min. 1 x classroom assistant

  • Very high quality education camps

  • Amazing value for money!

  • Healthy balance of indoor/outdoor time

  • Each summer camp run from 9am - 3pm