Students at Pear Tree Education make slowmation videosPear Tree Education
Pear Tree Education
24th Mar, 2012

Watch Pear Tree’s Students’ Slowmation Project

Students at Pear Tree Education made a series of slowmation videos as part of their spring break course at the 21st century learning centre

Using still photography and a combination of materials, including clay, paper, and Lego, the students tell the story of Super Pig.

The story seems to be that an ordinary pig lives on a farm, acquires special powers after eating healthy fruit (ties in nicely with Kids Can Cook!), and then flies to the moon with a duck. Super Pig then does battle with Dr. Snake.

From an educational perspective, the course involved technology (cameras, video editing on a SMARTboard), drama (voice overs and role play), language arts, art, problem solving, decision making, and a lot of team work.

(These videos are hosted on a private channel on YouTube, and can only be accessed from Pear Tree’s blog. The videos can be made available for download from the Pear Tree website upon parental request.)





2 Comments in total

  1. Georgina says:

    Thanks for the teacher whom taught Paris , she enjoy
    The class very much and would love to come back!!
    Thanks again to make it enjoyable for my daughter!!

    Best regards Georgina Chong
    Paris mom

  2. Wendy says:

    Very animated and funny to watch – great job kids….

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