Snow & Crystals Theme for our 1st Pro-D Day Camp!Pear Tree Education
Pear Tree Education
24th Jan, 2013

Snow & Crystals Theme for our 1st Pro-D Day Camp!

Pear Tree’s first Pro-D Day Camp was a great success!

Based on the theme of Snow & Crystals, students carried out various hands-on science experiments with different kinds of common crystals.

They created their own winter scenes, and gave the design a crystal glaze using an Epsom salt solution.

(More below pictures)

Four read alouds by the class teacher, Jennifer, consisted of Perfect Snow (Reid), The Story of Snow (Cassino/Nelson), Snowflake Bentley (Briggs Martin), and The Snowy Day (Keats).

Using this wonderful theme, Pear Tree were able to include elements of science, language arts, and art.

We often hear parents ask the kids, “Did you have fun?” However, for Pear Tree students, our form of education is fun! Education isn’t Fun’s deadly twin or anything!

By applying a hands-on, interactive approach, using interesting and relevant themes, Pear Tree ensures that learning is fun – so much so that kids generally don’t want to leave!

Needless to say, no camp at Pear Tree was complete without a trip to the local park for some serious leg stretching!


Pear Tree’s next day camp will be on Family Day (11th February), and the theme will ‘Science Fun’.

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