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FOR JAN – MAR 2018!

Starting w/c 9th January, Pear Tree is offering the following after-school enrichment programs. Basic course descriptions are further down the page.

Ages 5-10: TBC

Ages 5-10: TBC

Ages 5-10: TBC

Ages 5-10: TBC

Price per day = $20 + GST
Price for 4-day week = $70 + GST (you save $10!)
Minimum commitment = 1 x calendar month (e.g. all scheduled weeks September)
Courses run from w/c 11th September – 1st December

We will email you the invoice. You can still pay online.
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Course Descriptions


MakerSpace (Ages 5-10) 4-5pm

MakerSpace is a movement that pushes for creativity, innovation, problem solving and hands-on learning.

Students will be designers and inventors, working with materials such as conductive thread, LED lights, copper tape, batteries, small motors and even conductive Playdough!

Students are taught to use materials and equipment safely, and will thoroughly enjoy this hands-on hour!


Painter’s Pallet (Ages 5-10) 4-5pm

As painters, we will have lots of time to try different paints and painting techniques! We’ll work with water colour, acrylic and tempera paints.

Our paintings will be inspired by nature, animals, literature, our friends and family, and even the summer weather!

The young artists of this course will have a small portfolio of art pieces to share with you at the end of this week.


Photography 101 (Ages 5-10) 4-5pm

Spring is a perfect time to go outdoors in Kitsilano and practice basic photography techniques!

We will work on the Rule of Thirds, discover how to take great portraits, take shots from various perspectives, and capture still life.

Our photography will include nature, objects, ourselves, and our classmates.

Students will also learn how to edit photos, create collages, and blend photos. Students can bring their own camera and cable, or borrow a device from Pear Tree.


Super Scientists (Ages 5-10) 4-5pm

Join us for a term of science exploration!

This hands on course is great for a range of learners and abilities, and focuses on biology, chemistry, and physics.

The first few weeks will be dedicated to chemistry-based classes, where we will learn about the properties of matter through a hands-on experiment each class.

The middle weeks will focus on biology, specifically local animals.

For the final weeks, we will explore the basic properties of physics. Each class will have a challenge activity that will require students to think critically and build in a team.

Goals for Learning

  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • creativity / innovation
  • connect math/science to social studies and real life
  • deep understanding
  • gathering information
  • computer / Internet abilities
  • presentation skills
  • teamwork
  • leadership skills
  • negotiation
  • chronological order
  • responses to problems
  • graphs, timelines, maps
Grades 6-9

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