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Pro-D Day Camps Vancouver

Pro-D Day Camps Vancouver 2017

With the launch of our K-7 elementary school, Pear Tree is now able to bring back its popular Vancouver Pro-D Day camps.

Here are the scheduled dates until June 2017. Each summer camp run from 9am – 3pm. Course information is below (or click on dates for more info).

  1. Monday, 30th Jan, 2017
  2. Friday, 24th Feb, 2017
  3. Friday, 5th May, 2017

We’re confident you won’t find a better value-for-money educational Pro-Day day camp!



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About Pear Tree’s Pro-D Day Camps Vancouver

Pear Tree Education is about to change your idea of Pro-D day camps. With any Pear Tree Pro-D day camp, your child will spend as much time as possible out of the classroom, experiencing education hands-on in the open air. Your child will learn and experience diverse skills and objectives, such as multidisciplines (science, math, social studies, and language arts), creativity, leadership, teamwork, technology, public speaking, critical thinking, etc. Furthermore, we connect education to real life; after all, this is the Pear Tree method!

And, if your child has never taken a Pro-D day camp with Pear Tree before, we’re about to change your understanding of education, too, because Pear Tree is Vancouver’s first 21st century K-7 private elementary school and learning centre. All of our courses are taught by fully-qualified, experienced school teachers, who are also passionate about Pear Tree’s system of learning.

Pear Tree Pro-D Day Camp Highlights

  • 15 x kids per summer camp (maximum)
  • 1 x school teacher per class
  • 1:5 ratio on field trips
  • Very high quality education camps
  • Amazing value for money!
  • Healthy balance of indoor/outdoor time
  • Each summer camp run from 9am – 3pm.


 “I believe my daughter benefited a lot from attending the camps so a big thank you is in order for all the staff at Peartree.”

“My son has really enjoyed his week at your spring camp! This morning he was looking glum and I asked why the long face. He said it was because today was the last day of camp L!!.”

“My son and daughter had a great time at camp. As a parent I was also thrilled with how happy and stimulated they both seemed after. They were proud of their work and I had the sense that the camp allowed them to stretch their creative muscles.”

Outdoor Time!

As educational experts, Pear Tree’s spring camps have a balance of indoor and outdoor time. As part of both our course and recreation time, we ensure that our students go outside every day.
For outdoor time, Pear Tree has a 1:5 staff/student ratio.


Additional Options

Pear Tree endeavours to provide the most complete Vancouver spring camp service possible. Check out our popular Hot Lunch program!

PreCamp & AfterCamp Care



Hot Lunch Program

Why not take advantage of Pear Tree’s Hot Lunch Program? For just $14, your child will receive a healthy combination of a hot lunch, combined with a morning and afternoon snack.

Hot Lunch pricing

Pro-D Day Camp Vancouver – Course Options

Monday, 30th Jan, 2017

Painters Pallet (Ages 5-7 & 8-10)

On this day of painting fun, we will be trying a variety of paints and painting techniques to create winter inspired art work. Our paintings will be inspired by literature and nature. Students will work with tempra paint and water colour, and will take home several masterpieces!

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Friday, 24th Feb, 2017

Kitchen Chemistry (Ages 5-7 & 8-10)

Did you know that there are a lot of science related activities that can happen in the… kitchen?! This pro-d camp is dedicated to chemistry based experiments based on items found in the kitchen. Students will learn about the properties of matter through hands-on activities, and even eat one of their experiments!

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Friday, 5th May, 2017

Spring Photography (Ages 5-7)

Spring is a perfect season to work on photography skills! We will go on a photography scavenger hunt, learn about photography basics such as the Rule of Thirds, and basic techniques such as still life and portraits.
Students are encouraged to bring their own device (i.e. iPad or digital camera). Pear Tree has a limited number of cameras available to borrow.

Spring Photography (Ages 8-10)

Spring is a perfect season to work on photography skills! We will go on a photography scavenger hunt, learn about photography basics such as the Rule of Thirds, and basic techniques such as still life and portraits.
Students are encouraged to bring their own device (i.e. iPad or digital camera). Pear Tree has a limited number of cameras available to borrow.

 Pear Tree online secure booking system

How to Register

You can register online using the link above.


Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are subject to GST (5%).
  • Course payments are required in full at the time of registration.
  • Course payments are non-refundable (except in the event that course is cancelled), but may be transferred to alternative Pro-D day camps, subject to availability.
  • You are permitted to switch your current registration to one of our other Pro-D day camps up to 7 days before the start of the registered one.
  • If you require the Hot Lunch option, this must be booked and paid for no later than 1 week before the start of the associated course.
  • Pear Tree has a 3-bite policy for its Hot Lunch program in order to ensure that every child eats and tries at least this quantity of food.
  • If your child is asked to leave our course(s) due to very bad behaviour, no refund will be issued.
  • In the event that there are insufficient students registered in your course, Pear Tree Education reserves the right to cancel or reschedule this course, but will offer you the choice of an alternative course or a full refund.
  • Curricula content may vary from the course description advertised.
  • For welfare purposes, parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are dropped off and picked up by an adult – regardless of the age of your children. Unlike a regular school, Pear Tree students cannot arrive or leave unaccompanied (i.e. without a responsible adult).
  • Unless you are registered for our Pre-Camp service, student arrival time should be no earlier than 8.50am. If children arrive earlier, parents must remain with their children until 8.50am, at which time the children can enter the classroom.
  • Pear Tree Education reserves the right to charge a fee for after-camp supervision in the event of a very late pick up.
    Additionally, Pear Tree must be informed, in advance, of the details of any person (or changes in person) that will be picking up your children, whether this be a relative, nanny, or family friend. You can do this by email or in person.
  • If you do not wish to choose Pear Tree’s ‘Hot Lunch’ option, you are responsible for providing your children with a healthy packed lunch. As part of our educational philosophy of connecting education real life, this lunch must be a healthy, well-balanced meal (i.e. one that contains complex carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and ideally essential fatty acids). Pizzas, hamburgers and hot dogs – even homemade versions – are not permitted at Pear Tree. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our food policy.
  • Due to our general commitment to all of our students, it is difficult for Pear Tree staff to dedicate time to purchasing meals for individual students, because we would have less staff available for the other child. Furthermore, Pear Tree does not support and will not partake in the purchase of any fast foods or any foods that Pear Tree deems to be unhealthy or inadequately nutritious for your child.
  • Failure to abide by the terms & conditions above could leave to the cancellation of your registration with no refunds on course payments.

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Goals for Learning

  • critical thinking
  • learning collaboratively
  • presentation skills
  • hands-on exploration
  • applying technology
Grades 2-5

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