Quality artwork produced by Pear Tree's studentsPear Tree Education
Pear Tree Education
26th Apr, 2012

Night Creatures: Student Artwork

Look at the quality of the artwork produced by Pear Tree’s students!

Pear Tree is into its second week of its Night Creatures course. So, we thought we’d share some of the work the students have already produced.

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Bearing in mind that these kids are only aged 5-7, this is remarkable quality of work!

Also, consider that Pear Tree does so much more in its classes than just art. This artwork is part of a much broader scope of language arts and science, all based around the Night Creatures theme.

Unlike an art centre, a child attending Pear Tree would learn so much more. They would learn how to apply art, language and science skills (albeit on a basis level) to social expression, social activism, and business. What do I mean by “business”? I mean that the child could create their own cards to sell (e.g. to friends and family), perhaps to raise money for the OWL Rehabilitation Centre for instance. They would learn how to use art for something more meaningful than simply drawing a pretty picture! They would learn how to connect art to other subjects and to real-life in general. In this way, kids are more likely to continue doing art as they get older (when we become more self-conscious and cynical), because they’ll still see the relevance and value of being able to express themselves creatively.

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