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8th Apr, 2015

ESL Science Classes

ESL Science Classes

In Pear Tree’s ESL classes, we’re studying science!

Currently, we’re learning about methods of making electricity! We combine critical thinking questions with clear and easy visuals/videos that both ESL and native English speakers can understand.

Our ultimate method of learning is getting the students to teach about particular science topics as a public speaking exercise. If they can’t explain clearly and confidently, they don’t really understand.

We use question after question to get students to explain clearly and in more detail than they’d otherwise do.

We also go into more detail than normal school science classes, so that students can make connections between other topics they’ve studied, such as thinking about electric circuits and what electricity actually is.

As such, Pear Tree constantly aims to both expand and deepen student understanding.

Furthermore, we worked on drawing clear science diagrams using colour and appropriate labels, as well as fairly detailed write ups. This is another form of self teaching that helps with understanding and remember information.

Regular school science classes can be very confusing for ESL students. Science terminology is complicated, the diagrams in school science textbooks are often unhelpful, and school science classes are more about memorising for tests than actually learning.

Pear Tree takes a very different approach, making science fun and understandable.

Science in ESLScience in ESL

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